02 March 2006

If you read the News section of the Atlantic Rowing Race website, you will see that it is headed: Come in Boat No.15 – Sedna Solo. Also mentioned is the fact that once the boats arrive, further scrutineering takes place to assess whether any race penalties would be applied. As Roz has not had any assistance to date, one thing that will be examined is the status of her fresh water ballast bottles. As you can see in the picture, the bottles were sealed before departing from La Gomera. If water-making gadgets break down crews need to use their ballast for drinking water, and this incurs penalty points. Up to the point where we lost contact, I do not think that Roz had had to use any of hers. Since then, has she, or hasn’t she? That is the question.
Today arriving home about 4.30pm, I checked the Woodvale site to see what mileage Roz had done, and was dismayed to see no sign of movement since first thing this morning. A phone call to Teresa at Woodvale sorted that out. Apparently the battery of the first beacon that Roz had been using since November 30th had run flat. She had switched to another beacon, but this had not yet been ‘tuned in’ to the Woodvale software. What a relief! By 5pm she had done 27 miles, and being 4 hours behind GMT still had some hours of daylight left. She is also very very near to latitude 17. The signs are good.
Grateful thanks to people for more delightful messages (e.g. it’s increasingly difficult to live and work with all fingers and toes crossed!), and those who have recently made contributions to the Prince’s Trust. A reminder to those who have paid for a place at The Party that they will need to bring along photographic identification on the night. Details of the party on the home page of Roz’ website, including a pdf file of the invite which can be downloaded.

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