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24 February 2006

Have you explored the links on Roz’ Voyage website? I wonder whether you have seen her list of people on her team, and the list of sponsors? These are the people and organisations who have made her crossing of the Atlantic possible. Some have given money, others time and energy or goods in kind.
Many other people, not named, have been and still are contributing by carrying out vital tasks to help Roz. She and I are most grateful for their support, and work done on her behalf.
When I put the picture on her dispatch page last night I did wonder whether people would be aware of Wholebake and their products. They kindly supplied her with samples of their products in the months of preparation, and a large number of bars of flapjack in a variety of flavours for the voyage itself. The 9bars are made up of nine types of seeds and nuts, with a layer of chocolate on top. All natural ingredients, nutritious and satisfying.
There is a team in London working to organise the welcome back party on March 23rd. A reminder therefore that the details are on the Home Page of this website.
It is good to see the miles being covered by Roz in recent days, and the fact that the boat is once again moving a bit northwards to get back to the latitude of 17 degrees.
I will probably not be doing a dispatch on Saturday evening as I am planning to visit friends this weekend.
There are some sponsored miles looming in the near future, so I will list them on this dispatch: 2496 Iona Pearey; 2500 Brian Yates. Special thanks and greetings to these kind people. Thank you too for the messages of reassurance to me at this anxious time, and to those who have recently made donations.
(Rita Savage, in the absence of any communication from Roz)

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