26 February 2006

Having been away from home for two days, I turned eagerly to renew contact with my daughter Roz. It is not much fun talking to a purple dot on the computer screen! The Atlantic Rowing Race website shows that purple dot drawing ever closer to Antigua. It is good to see that only 387 miles remain before reaching English Harbour. What was not quite so encouraging to see was that the dot has moved a bit further south again. Roz really is struggling to make it back to latitude 17 degrees. A bit like a yoyo recently. We can but wait and watch for the next few days as she gets nearer and nearer to her goal of crossing the Atlantic.
Just a short dispatch tonight, I have a bit of catching up to do on emails that accumulated in my absence. It is good to meet up with so many people who tell me that they are avidly watching Roz’ progress. Grateful thanks to you all.

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