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Posted by Rita Savage on Thursday June 3rd.

Following the visit by Sir Peter Barter on his helicopter, Roz has had another visitor.

On Thursday morning Jan Messersmith, a resident of Madang, went out on his boat “Faded Glory” to make contact with Roz.  This is part of the message he later sent to me: “I went out at about 09:00 and found Roz a little less than 20 miles out a little before 11:00. I approached her slowly and introduced myself. At the time, there was virtually no wind. After a brief chat she got back to rowing. I think that her intention was to see if she could get in before dark. After a while, she signalled me over and we agreed that the numbers just weren’t there – she would arrive, provided conditions did not change, between 19:00 and 21:00. She told me that she would rather just take it easy and hold off so that she can arrive in the morning. She asked me to meet her out at the entrance to Dallmann Passage (right at the entrance to Madang Harbour) at 08:00.

She seemed in excellent spirits, despite the wind problem earlier. It took me about an hour to get back to Madang. The ocean was a beautiful indigo mirror with no wind and flying fish all around.”

So, Friday June 4th it will be. Before long we will be able to announce the winner of the competition to guess when Roz would arrive at her destination. Thanks to all who took part. We are grateful too to those who have recently made contributions: David Tangye, Karen Morss, Richard Cort, Jessica Switzer, Susan Bartlett, Claus Anbergen, Eric Lehmann, Joan Sherwood, Doug Grandt, Diane Freeman, Oliver Thompson, Suwin Chan and Elizabeth Duke.

Now we eagerly await Roz’s arrival at Madang! And celebrate wherever we are, at all that Roz has achieved, by rowing solo across the mighty Pacific.


  • My children and I have been really following the Pacific Leg of your journey, we don’t have internet in the house but I do at work and everyday I visit your blog to get updates. They are all now very excited and looking out to see from the Kalibobo Light house. Just called them to say you’ll be arriving tommorow at 8pm and my son who is 7 years old said he will sleep at the lighthouse and wait for you..Take it easy and we’ll see you when you arrive home “Beautiful Madang” Parangkei’s.

  • 8:00am Friday Madang time is 6:00pm Thursday U.S. Eastern Time, or 3:00pm Pacific Time, so it looks like Roz will be on the water at least until then.

    The suspense is exciting. I can only imagine what it’s like for you, Rita, to know that Roz is only a hair away from safely rowing the entire Pacific. You must be incredibly proud, and rightfully so.

  • Dan, when I read it I had to pinch myself again: safely rowing the entire Pacific.

    An amazing feat!
    And I’m happy to have had
    A great front row seat

    Happy arrival, Roz!

  • Oh how we would all like to be there with you and your children Rose out on that lighthouse…your post captures the excitement we all feel for Roz…

    It has been fun doing my own charting especially since her online map was unable to fully chart daily progress…I have my own notes and logs that have been fun to post and calculate…will be standing by and waiting with anticipation tomorrow especially as the 3 pm hour(Pacific time)approaches…

    And finally, a big fat hug to you Rita–half way around the world from the West Coast…while Roz was the engine, you were both her and our beacon flashing both the light and dark moments of this last leg–your daughter’s latest adventure…I will be tipping a glass through cyberspace with both you and Roz for your incredible accomplishment …what a team!!!! what a gift you have both offered to us around the world these past several weeks…

  • Hi Roz,

    You’ve done it. I am in awe of your achievement. Enjoy that resort, revel in your well deserved glory.


    Michelle U

  • It is short notice, but if any Roz followers in London want to celebrate her arrival tomorrow, might I suggest The Gunmakers on Aybrook St W1, just off Marylebone High St – which is close to Roz’s base when she is here. email me on amgswift[at] if you are interested.

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