Update byRita, after speaking to Roz at 7.15am Madang time.

Roz has reported that a headwind is making her progress extremely slow and she cannot possibly reach Madang by 2pm Thursday. This has been reported to those who are organising the welcome for her in Madang, rearranged for 6pm.

About midday Roz will be contacted again to see how she is progressing. She only has twenty miles to go, but is really battling against that headwind, achieving a speed of less than 1 knot.

Latest known position:  -05.45S, 146.26E


  • Wow, I guess that means Roz will have no time for a quick nap. Too bad, but it will make the finish all that much sweeter for her. Rita, if you speak to her again, please tell her that everyone online is watching with bated breath and cheering her on!

  • Thanks Rita. You must be on pins and needles … like us Rozlings!

    Time for Roz to take a break and wait it out. Drop the sea anchor and have a tall cool one.
    Hopefully a SEer will kick in later in the day … ’til then … nap time … or row her butt off ;-D

    Happy resting, Roz … or rowing like H E double toothpicks

  • Wow, Roz, those winds and currents sure keep you working till the last possible minute!!! Before you were thinking you’d arrive too early, now it’s looking like it’ll be later–what a lesson for all of us in the power of wind and water over our “best-laid plans”! And at the same time, an example of the determination of the human who decides to take on the challenge of what nature can throw at her out there on the ocean!

    I’m happy the welcoming ceremony timing has some flexibility–Mother Nature Rules! Meanwhile, Row, Roz, Row–and wishing you favorable winds and currents for these last miles!

  • For those in the US, if my calculations are correct, Madang is 14 hours ahead from Eastern Time, so 6pm in Madang time is 4am Eastern Time, and 1am Pacific Time. I think.

  • Hey Roz , Hard slogging eh. A prairie wind on a bicycle can be a fearsome thing too. Hunker down and hang in there, In Saskatchewan prairies we joke about the weather; ‘Don’t like the weather, what 5 minutes and it will change.” Hope you can find a respite from the wind, it can really wear a soul down. Hey Rita, almost through this leg eh. You offer Roz incredible support, and you help those of us who adventure vicariously track her progress. Much appreciated.
    Norm of the prairies.

  • Roz always does like dramatic entrances. 🙂 This is like the nail-biting all-nighter she rowed, coming into Tarawa. Too bad we can’t make this into a reality show. The ratings would be phenomenal. 🙂

    Roz, do whatever you need to do. Your reward is just within reach! You are amazing!

  • Hi Roz and Roz’s mum,

    Greetings from Madang. We have Jan on Faded Glory out looking for Roz this morning. He is about 15km out from Madang but we could do with Roz’s latest coordinates please if someone could post them or email them to madangpng@gmail.com

    Glorious day here in Madang. Light breeze, blue skies, hot. Mind you it is always hot!

    Keep it up Roz and see you soon for a cold beer

    Rich Jones, Madang

  • Hey…if the winds would cooperate, it would be too easy….no? No. Can’t wait for you to get there. We are on pins and needles waiting for news. So exciting!

    To Rita: Thanks so much for transcribing these blogs and taking us on this ride too. I can’t imagine what kind of pins and needles you must be on. Cheers to you and to Roz’s safe arrival.

  • Roz, how challenging and what a funny end to this leg. 20 miles and a headwind. Sigh for you.

    Perhaps by now you are there. I wish I was among the welcomers. Well, I AM among those who have been checking in on your progress all along.

    You continue to amaze.

    Best of luck with this ending.
    Laurey in Asheville

  • Latest tweet says she won’t make it before sunset, so she’s now shooting to arrive tomorrow morning. I assume that’s Madang’s morning, which means some time Thursday afternoon in the US.

    Funny that originally, Roz was trying to avoid arriving on Thursday, then it seemed like she had no choice, and now it’s not possible. Wind and currents are being as inconvenient as possible, it seems. No matter, at least now maybe Roz can get some sleep before arriving.

  • Hey Rich Jones! Roz;s mum is fast asleep in London … now 2:47 AM UTC. It is now 7:47 PM in the SF Bay Area and I am sitting on pins and needles along with millions of other Rozlings who are in the dark but not yet asleep. You are, what, 12:47 PM in Madang … with Jan supposedly looking for Roz — a needle in a haystack — whilst he is actually having a beer fest with her. Based on her 11:30 tweet, he arrived with cold beer, sans church key, but managed to magically open the -> way!

    Rita’s latest position transcribed from Roz at 7:15 AM was 05.45S, 146.26E, but I suppose she has drifted somewhere since then. I suppose you could just call Jan or Roz on the cell phone and they might tell you, and if you do, please post the time/lon/lat so WE know where they are too ;-D

    I just realized that your comment was posted two and a half hours ago, so you probably know their whereabouts by now, so please let us know. You and this blog are our only means of communication at the moment.

    Happy Hunting and Party Hearty!

  • What a journey, Roz!

    You have come such a long way through unchartered territory and endured the lessons on self-mastery from your greatest teacher, the Pacific Ocean. Just as when you could almost taste victory, you are stalled by external forces, unable to move no matter how much energy you exert to get out of your circumstances.

    What a beautiful way for us to learn through you that even with the best intentions, we could find ourselves in a standstill in spite of our greatest efforts. Perhaps it is the Universe’s way of giving us time for needed reflection: How far have we traveled and for what purpose? Once we are certain of our purpose, the path opens up one more time allowing us to reach our destination.

    It has been my privilege to track your awesome journey. Thank you for inspiring me to stay the course.

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers,


  • ORRAYYYYYYYYYYY ROZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont give UP!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GOT IT!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Michael

  • 6/3/10 1:00 PM into last 15 miles. but another night at sea unavoidable. -05.32717 146.04131

    Thanks, Dan. I did not see that … have been on the road since about 8 PM PT. She must have posted it just as I was shutting down my laptop. At that point 15 miles with 19 hours until her new ETA of 08:00 seems in order, giving allowance for a couple of cat naps, although she could get an evening offshore breeze. Moon is not so full any more, but a mirror surface will make for a pleasant and steady row … albeit quite balmy … a good time for introspection ;-D

    Reflective and reflexive rowing, Roz!

  • Oh Roz – I’m so proud of you and all that you have and will accomplish. Enjoy your stay in PNG – it sounds like a lovely, warm, welcoming place to celebrate your Solo Row Across the Pacific! Thanks to Mom Rita too, you are truly a super-mom. I hope there is a massage sometime in your future, take care, Bonnie

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