Day 3: One of those Days

April 15th 2011

Even though it wasn't where I wanted to be, it is very pretty!

Today was one of those days. I won’t say I went nowhere, because I did go somewhere. But it was somewhere south, which was somewhere I didn’t want to go. So I put out the sea anchor for a while, and used the time productively to stow some of the stuff that had been chucked on board at the last minute.

(For newcomers to the blog, a sea anchor is a 12 foot parachute on a long rope attached to the bow of the boat. When the wind is against me, I put the chute out under the water, and it stops me being pushed so far backwards. Thanks to Alby McCracken at Para Anchors Australia for my lovely new red and yellow chute!)

Eventually the wind changed and I got the sea anchor back in, a 20 minute performance, and got going again. And eventually ended up back where I’d started.

It’s only frustrating if I allow myself to be frustrated, I keep reminding myself. Circumstances aren’t frustrating unless we allow them to be. How very zen of me.

As I write my boat is once again being pushed south, back to that place I didn’t want to be. But I’m all in for now, so will catch some zzzs and get back to the oars later on.

Other Stuff:

It is debatable whether “The Wave”, a book about monster waves by Susan Casey, is appropriate reading matter for a woman alone on a very small boat on a very large ocean. However, I’m quite enjoying it. She examines all kinds of oversized waves, from the point of view of historians, scientists, insurers, pioneers, and mostly surfers – which seems to give her a good excuse to spend a lot of time hanging out with legendary surfer Laird Hamilton. Good to see a writer suffering (??!) for her art.

Her book about the Farallon Islands and great white sharks is also very good. It’s called “The Devil’s Teeth”. Probably something else I shouldn’t be reading while I’m out here.

Sponsored Miles: David Quinlan, John Newsom, Kiran Pratha[a. Doug Grandt (for Sean), Michelle Pitman.



  • Hi, Roz. This blog just now popped up as I was doing my morning browse before work here (the beginning of my work day is the end of your work day). Great to see my grandson’s name in print … Thanks! I love this new sponsor-a-mile-and-shout-out feature that evolved from the circumstances of stealth this trip.

    As usual, I learned something new here today (as usual) unfortunately — or fortunately — from you [frustration] or lack thereof … and since I love the irony of zen, I thank you for your [frustration] and quote in our honor: “I keep reminding myself. Circumstances aren’t frustrating unless we allow them to be. How very zen of me.”

    Cheers, Roz! Sending you positive enthusiastic energy ;-D

  • Hey Dear Roz:

    Great to hear from you… Your voyage sounds like my recovery from the 28 day coma in 2008… They told me I would never walk again – that I might never get out of bed again after the mistakes made… There were good days offset by set-backs… But 4+ Months later I walked out of the third hospital and two years later, today, other than a little Neuropathy in the legs, No noticeable after-effects of the Coma – I walk just fine… So, Do Not Look At The Day’s Progress – Look week by week at The Big Picture!!!

    BTW, Probably a stupid suggestion that I should have thought of earlier… When we used to race small Olympic Class sailboats in rough winds and waves, we sometimes flew a small kite from the bow on a short line… The slight “Lift” this gave the bow made it much easier for the boat to make it through the chop – more than offsetting the slight “Drag” the kite might generate…

  • Liking your zen-ness but hoping it takes you north tomorrow. FYI your ban on plastic bags message has made it through loud and clear to Jessica – she wrote about you in a text at school today. It may seem like a small thing but getting through to a 10 yr old can only be a good thing. Keep putting that oar in one stroke at a time x

  • I’m new to twitter and am enjoying following you especially on your current adventure! I’m also reading your book. Be safe!
    Jan Davis

  • Bummer. Were you humming: ‘Mama always send there be days like this… ‘
    May the rowing be more fruitful tomorrow.
    Good job on warming up your Zen-mind and even acknowledging the pretty place you’ve been circling today!
    Here’s a little gem passed to me today from a friend:
    “A little faith will bring your soul to heaven, but a lot of faith will bring heaven to your soul.” ~Author Unknown
    Row On Roz & Thank you!

  • On Day 2 of Roz’s voyage in 2008 she rowed past the Farallon Islands – the Devil’s Teeth which she now mentions in her blog. She relates how “a couple of marine biologists called Pete and Russ came whizzing out on their rigid inflatable boat to investigate the unusual sight of a little silver rowboat passing by.” They returned half an hour later with some bananas, M&Ms, and three student biologists who also wanted to investigate this strange new specimen of Rower Rozus Vulgaris.

    • Did they “Tag” Rower Rozus Vulgarus, with a “Beeper” or Radio “Tag”, to monitor her movements after taking their initial measurements of that strange specimen – They would be quite amazed as to her migration routes??? (Sorry, Couldn’t resist!)

  • Shark tangent:
    Amber was actually out at the Farallon Islands back in 1997 on the day that the first orca vs great white showdown was observed and documented! There were two whale watching boats out that day, and Amber was–sadly–on the “other” boat. But they heard all about it over the radio. There was some debate up until that point as to who would win in a fight between an orca and a great white… or if they would never engage due to mutal respect for the danger of a clash. But as it turns out, mammals triumphed, HANDILY.
    If I remember correctly… right after that attack, the shark population disappeard from the Farallones, moving to the CA coast, and they didn’t really come back for over a year.

  • This is a you tube video of Roz’s wonderful planet that she risks all to preserve… Please freely share the link far and wide. As of today, 951 miles have been donated, making 3554 more to row … hopefully not on her own. Please donate, sign and give her your continued encouragement!

    Row Roz Row!

  • When I’m feeling tired as my day is growing longer with multiple tasks, I remind myself, “Roz is still Rowing the Indian Ocean!”, and magically I gain a little more energy to keep going and furthering yOur Cause. Here’s a Quote of Inspiration for you today: “Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.” – Corrie Ten Boom
    Cheers Roz!! 🙂

  • Roz, I have to admit to being just a bit pessimistic now least when it comes to human endevours, but with you I can only accept that what you are doing is awesome (absolutely no pun intended). Thankyou for inspiring and reminding me that to be human is a special gift and an opportunity to do the best one can do. Go Roz Go! (the big Roz cheer squad cheering)

  • It’s not like you haven’t had to enter the land of Zen to keep going before; you’ll pull through just fine. I was so inspired by your effort that I added a 3km “row” to my workout today. That was only about 700 oar strokes but it does give one a bit of an idea of what it is like – at least physically. I would like very much to feel the wind (at my back), breath the salt air and feel the rolling sea (just a little bit of rolling though), while I’m rowing.

    I was going to add a bit of an Irish proverb about the wind being at you back, but didn’t think the ending to be appropriate so we will leave it with the wind being at your back.

  • Congratulations on your first 3 days out Roz!!!

    Best Wishes & Prayers on this years row…Seems like a distant dream to have finally had the honor and pleasure of meeting you and hearing your presentation last year, at the CSUS Campus in Sacramento,CA. Take Care and Row Roz Row !!!

    Dana C.

    P.S. Ten Dollars/month is still headed your way(as has been for the last three years) to keep helping in albeit a small way just now, but I am trying to always spread the word about all of us doing some part everyday (even if only a small part) we possibly can, in cleaning up and saving “Space Ship Earth”

      • Hi Bruce, thankyou for the reply, yes, she is a very phenonomal and inspiring lady, with a lot of courage and fortitude, as well as a very gracious woman. I am also honored to be a fan of hers…Dana

  • Roz, it’s been 12 hours since I first posted here, and I’ve been thinking how to give you inspiration as you have given me … and I am at a loss except that your physical demands seem analogous to what the larger environmental justice community has been experiencing for decades … the ebb and flow of success and set backs in the seeming unending struggle to reach just goals. All we can do is our best and what happens happens … don’t give up. But you already know that, so the best I can do is — what else since you have set the tone of today’s extended zen moment (that instant between push and pull, in and out, cresting the wave…. I set it to haiku, drawing parallels between [pick your favorite apples and oranges]

    I give to you my first ever nested yin and yang double haiku ;-D

    So make it easy

    . ideology
    . opposing forces struggle
    . ocean behaviour

    Contemplate effortless catch
    Row efficiently … Roz

  • Roz…who picked those books you are “reading”???? … trying to add more “drama” to your voyage than is already there? and how does the phrase go for progress?–two steps forward and one back…I guess Sedna is just trying to reacquaint you with her sometime wily ways…hang in and know that tomorrow will show new winds hopefully at your back…and Sedna–behave yourself!!!

  • A number of people have asked, here and on FaceBook about showing Roz’s progress. You have had some replies mentioning that we are not doing so because of pirate activity in the Indian Ocean. If you have sponsored a mile, or miles, when your name appears on the blog, and if you remember your mile number, you will know that she has reached that point. Clever? Thanks to Nick Jaffe for making this possible. More information in the “Sponsor Now” box.

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