You can see ROZ’S ROUTE here. Each dot links to the blog from that day. 255 nautical miles to go.

This morning I woke up and, like every other morning, the first thing I did after folding away my bunk was to grab a wet wipe, open the hatch, and head out on deck to do… what most people do first thing in the morning. I was squatting there on deck using the pee jug, when I sensed a presence behind me. I turned my head, to see an enormous cargo ship not two hundred yards away.


I have got so used to having the entire ocean to myself that it hadn’t even occurred to me to check that I was alone before performing my morning ablutions. I don’t know if the crew got an eyeful. They were idling silently nearby as if watching me, so I’m sure that they had seen my boat. If they had binoculars, they would have seen me quite easily once I popped out of the cabin. I was too embarrassed to try and raise them on the VHF, so thankfully I will never know for sure just what they saw.

Another cargo ship passed by this afternoon, in the distance. After all this time alone on the ocean, it feels strange and a little intrusive to have all this maritime traffic passing by. I’m not sure I like it. I miss my privacy. Don’t they realise it’s rude to barge into my ensuite bathroom without so much as a by-your-leave?!

Other Stuff:

Slow progress today in light winds. Some days I wake up to a nice surprise when I turn on the GPS to find out how far I’ve traveled overnight. My best night on this voyage was 22 miles to the good. Last night I made only 2. But at least they were in the right direction.

Blogs from now on will generally be getting shorter. During these final miles, I need to be very focused on navigation. I’m aiming for a relatively tiny target after 4,000 miles of ocean. So I need to concentrate – not to mention row like crazy if it looks like I’m meandering off course. I’m on a good trajectory at the moment, but it would only take one mean old current, or a rogue eddy, or an adverse wind, and it could still all go awry. It ain’t over till it’s over.

Quote for the day – I couldn’t find any quotes about going to the bathroom, so here is a fine Churchillism instead: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” (Winston Churchill)

Picture: Freighter in the bathroom – not the bathtub! Rita. (From the internet.)

Sponsored Miles: Tom Gignoux, Mary Lu Kelley, Larry Grandt, also Robert Smith and Chris Wagner. Thank you for your contributions.


  • It’s ok (the pic) Rita. Last time I checked the bathtub is in the bathroom – of most houses anyway.

    Good rowing Roz. Do what it takes to keep focused on that tiny dot to the west. We want you back on dry land sooner rather than later. It’s been a good ride though. These blogs have given us all plenty of food for thought; often the short ones are the most poignant. We love them all.

    Row unerringly Roz, Row

  • Rita, I love the “snap” picture of the bathtub!  Roz, from now on maybe the
    “morning ritual” must be just before daylight!  lol  Dang, I couldn’t sleep knowing a ship might run me over!

  • Sorry to hear about the crowded conditions. The good news is that you are unlikely to ever suffer from Agoraphobia. In other news physicists are excited about news that neutrinos sent 400 miles from Switzerland  to Italy arrived 60 feet ahead of Einstein’s speed limited photons. Don’t get stressed on short final use Reunion and Mauritius as goal posts they both have undersea cable connnecctions.

  • So the second thing you need after making landfall would be the bathroom?
    Could you use the rear view mirror bicyclists strap on thier heads to row in close quarters?
    When I tell friends about you they often ask if there is a rescue boat with you. When I tell them no they often comment that you are more brave than they are. OK, they also think your crazy until I explain the reason your out there is not just adventure. Makes them stop and think, which is the whole point.
    You are getting your message across!
    Row Roz Row

  • Mauritius here you come:)

    we are watching you now Roz, every oar stroke of  the way..will give you a shout if you veer off course a bit 🙂

  • Roz, looks like you will be threading a needle from a couple hundred miles … I know you can do it, you’ve run the slalom course approaching Tarawa and Mandang … I just pray a ship doesn’t run interference.  This is not news to you, but I feel a need to say it — Sedna is fragile, so please stay alert and agile.

    Row agilely, Roz!

  •  in Sedna’s  bathroom one fine morn
    a freighter forgot to blow its horn
    dear Roz was all at sea
    when going for a pee
    next time she will be up before dawn


  • I found an anonymous quote for you.  “The only time the world beats a path to your door is when you are in the bathroom.”  : )

    Continued progress, kind winds and currents, and safe travels, Roz!

  • this is totally funny, and I totally feel for you. Makes me think of the time in SoCal when, after I had pulled down my wetsuit (I HATE peeing in my wetsuit), and before I pulled it up, the fog lifted and I could see I was within view of homes and a major road….ooops!! heehee!! you go girl!! this is an incredible voyage, and talk about grit!!!! 

  • Not entirely appropriate, but still funny. From Les Dawson…..
    “I sat at the bottom of the garden a week ago, smoking a reflective
    cheroot, thinking about this and that – mostly that, and I just happened
    to glance at the night sky and I marvelled at the millions of stars
    glistening like pieces of quicksilver thrown carelessly onto black
    velvet. In awe I watched the waxen moon ride across the zenith of the
    heavens like an amber chariot towards the void of infinite space wherein
    the tethered bolts of Jupiter and Mars hang forever in their orbital
    majesty; and as I looked at all this, I thought, ‘I must put a roof on this lavatory.'”

  • In answer to your question Roz,(” there is an International Talk Like A Pirate Day? And we missed it??!! Well, damn yer eyes and keel-haul the cabin boy, we’ll just have to make up for it now! I do think Woody could have reminded me….”) yo ho ho etc., there certainly is, we certainly did, but I think you’ve passed the ‘talk like a pirate’ bizzo with flying colours. Row well Roz, we’re  all right behind you… 

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