Rita packing rations for Roz's Atlantic crossing in 2005 All Rights: Roz Savage

From Roz Savage:

“Over the years, my mother has been an occasionally concerned but always faithful supporter of my ocean rowing adventures. She has been the one consistent member of my team throughout, filling the shoes of shore manager, accountant, media liaison, personal assistant, campaign manager and even weatherman. She helped fit out the Sedna Solo for the Atlantic. She helped me pack for the Pacific. She was there to greet me in Hawaii.

She would love to come and greet me as I complete this grand project to row the “Big Three” oceans. By the time I make landfall this year, I will have rowed the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans – the first woman ever to do so.

And I would love her to be there. I couldn’t have done it without her.

I know many of you have supported me already on this row by sponsoring miles. I thank you wholeheartedly for that. Without your generosity, I couldn’t have paid the satellite data costs to post this daily blog, record the podcast, or get essential forecasts from my weatherman.

I would like to ask you one more time for your support. Would you please help me raise the money to fly Mum out to greet me as I make landfall? I don’t have the budget, and she lives on a small pension, so we can’t do it without your help.

In return, we promise to get photos, videos and a blog online within hours of my arrival, so you can all share in our celebrations. This has been an enormous undertaking – a total of eight years in the making, 15,000 miles rowed, 500+ days at sea, and over 5 million oarstrokes. It would mean the world to me to have my wonderful mother there at the end, to celebrate this occasion that simply wouldn’t be happening without her.”

Rita greeting Roz at the end of the first stage of the Pacific Crossing in 2008 All Rights: Roz Savage

If you would like to help please go to “Send Rita to See Roz” and click the “Donate” button on the right.

All donations go directly to Rita Savage through Paypal.

APOLOGY FROM ROZ – Philosophy Friday will be on Saturday this week due to rough weather at sea.

Other Stuff:

Daydreams of my arrival are what’s keeping me going at the moment, as I hang on in here through the rough stuff. The wind is due to abate slightly tonight – down from 25-30 knots to 20-25 knots. I hope the wind got the memo.

Ken – I was a clue in “Balderdash”? Cool!

Martha – Eat, Pray, Bash? I like it! Bash and get bashed. Bash as you would be bashed by. Loved the quote too – thank you. Wise words.

Anna – I do indeed know that Maya Angelou quote from your esteemed podcasts. Sorry – I’d meant to mention that, and to link to The Engaging Brand, but I must have had my brains temporarily bashed out. Hereby mentioned, and linked! Now get trampling those grapes….

Quote for the day – in honour of my mother: “Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.” (Marion C. Garretty)

Sponsored Miles: Thank you Chris Lynch for today’s miles, and to Nicola Tsang who sponsored a mile beyond Roz’s destination.


    • WOW!  That is fantastic!  A deck prism for your house.  Low tech too.  One could use different color bottles too.  Thank you for the post, gives me hope for the future.    Stephen

      • On day 77 JimBellofBelmont posted this idea. And I wanted to also give him co-credit for it. Roz,  it is a video where one takes a bottle and seal one half of the bottle on the outside of a roof top with the remaining bottom half diffusing the light in the inside. It is a neat idea. Roz has a solar powered light that is a cap to a nalgene bottle on ebay that also offers a similar type of light diffused illumination. 

        Let’s get Rita to Roz! 

        I have amasses a lot of adventure information to share with anyone and anybody (kids and families use it at my daughter’s school) 
        Soon I will be sharing some cool science and arts ideas on it for the children too. If you are interested in such things as a fog ring cannon or dry ice boo bubbles, or water and cornstarch goooey moving figures… I just posted how to stay overnight at nearby lighthouses and how to get to my favorite hidden hikes here in Northern California.

        I hope you will spread Roz’s message and also be able to exchange the information for Roz sponsorships… 

        I have done a lot of very cool things in Northern California and I should not be the only one… Row Roz Row… 

        Biolumenescence should be happening around your boat again next week. September 24 through 30 depending on water temperature. When you are done looking at the phosphorescence in the water, turn on the brightest lights you have… you may be able to attract nearby giant manta rays. Giant Manta Rays are plankton eaters and plankton are attracted to light. Because they are black, they are hard to see. But you do not scare in the waters at night, jump on in with your light. You may be surprised. This could be easily done in the south pacific and I do not have data about manta rays in the Indian Ocean. Again, they are plankton eaters. 


        Cheers, enjoy your last strokes, we’ll set up the welcome home party on this side of the pond. 

        Take care! Row Roz Row!


  • Lol – don’t need a link young lady just need you on shore safe and sound. Tweeted etc for your mum.
     Just wondering if you go through some fears of going to shore? 
    Do you get used to be alone…or does the time really inspire you to get the message out even more and want to get to shore to put the actions in place?

  • Sounds like the bashing just won’t stop … hmmm … congers up a vision of being trapped in a gigantic washing machine bashing and dashing the stains out of my dungarees … 

    I’m helping send Rita to see you. Since you are Balderdash clue, perhaps a few clues are due from you where we’ll view you two.

    Row astute, Roz.

    • Howdy UncaDoug,   How was your trip to Dana?  I hear the wildflowers are great this year due to lots of snow.  The view from there is amazing isn’t it?
      All the best,   Stephen

      • Hey Stephen! Wild flowers were the best I have ever seen. Surrounded by beauty all the way up the shoulder of the mountain. Got a bit of a late start and incoming weather forced me to turn around at the saddle (about 12,000′) so I didn’t make it to the top, but I did shoot some footage of me shouting ROW ROZ ROW at the top of my lungs from the ridge … and only three other unseen hikers happened to wander in wondering what the heck I was saying. From Spain and Mexico City … crazy American!  They may be following Roz now ;-D

        Yes, Mt. Dana’s view is special, and that cool lake on its eastern slope is an amazing color of blue-green against the stark rocks.

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