Remember that sign that you used to see all over the place, pinned in office cubicles, independent stores and gas stations: “You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it helps” I ought to have one of those in my cabin.

Maybe it’s because I recently listened to the audiobook of “Shutter Island” about an institution for the criminally insane, but as I unstrapped myself from my bunk this morning and administered my vitamin pills, I felt like I was becoming my own Nurse Ratchett. Confined to my tiny cell in solitary confinement while the wind and the waves rage outside, I am definitely getting a touch of cabin fever. One Flew Over The Sedna Solo.

During the night I’d had one full 360 capsize and a couple of knockdowns, which were less fun than a root canal. I had emerged unscathed from the night’s dramas, but my equipment had suffered quite a bit of damage. The deck looked like a disaster zone, with various bits of broken kit dangling and banging in the wind. So once I had put out the sea anchor to make sure there were no more capsizes, I busied myself with cutting away the broken ends from my spare oars, fixing up the dismasted Sea-Me and VHF antennae with duct tape, stowing the shattered bucket, and generally tidying up.

That took me half the day. But what to do with the rest of the day, with no rowing to be done? The waves were still mountainous, and I can’t risk any more broken oars as I’m now down to my last pair. So I am playing it safe and sitting out the storm. But this is very, very boring.

I did some emails, but eventually it became too uncomfortable to sit hunched over my laptop any more. I stood out on the deck and watched the waves and the dorados for a bit, but it was wet, cold, and rather unsafe out there. I played Solitaire on my iPhone for a while (got my average time down to 3:00 minutes – woohoo!). But all of these scintillating pasttimes soon palled.

I may have to endure another 3 days of this if the high winds persist. If I wasn’t crazy when I set out across the ocean, I may well be by the time I reach the other side. ” You don’t have to be crazy to row oceans, but it helps.”

Other Stuff:

Actually, Solitaire isn’t so bad. It’s almost like meditation. It only takes half a brain, if that, so the other half is free to ponder and plan. But I don’t think it will catch on as a transcendental practice.

Thank you for sharing your stories of 9/11. I hope that the process of writing them was as cathartic for you as it was for me.

Doug – you mentioned the killjoy article “Going Green But Getting Nowhere”. It makes me cross that someone would write such a demotivating piece. Even the biggest corporation or government is made up of individuals, so we HAVE to start at that level. A “corporation” or a “government” doesn’t have a mind of its own – its direction is the accumulation of the people within it. Whichever way you look at it, we have to recruit hearts and minds – ideally of CEOs and presidents, but we ALL have a voice and a say in the future of our world.

Sindy – Leo Laporte introduced me to the Game of Thrones series. I loved them! As to an ETA, it would be premature to go public.

Quote for the day – on insanity: “The world we see that seems so insane is the result of a belief system that is not working. To perceive the world differently, we must be willing to change our belief system, let the past slip away, expand our sense of now, and dissolve the fear in our minds.” (William James)

Photo: Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

Sponsored Miles: Not many miles rowed due to weather conditions.


  • Roz, know that we are all here for you sending good vibes your way.
    Do you think being mad helps pass the time? Na, you would just be bored mad.
    Row Sanely Roz

  • OH DEAR!!…what a horrible experience (again!)…I do hope you remain upright for a while. Your understated way of describing horrendous happenings is nothing short of amazing.
    We are all wishing you smoother waters and if good wishes work en mass , you surely will have better weather shortly!!   get wishing folks!
    David Church UK

  • You remind me every day that I am on a planet the powerful ocean earth ship. Thank you. I am thinking of you as I row through my mental waves and know children like mine and yours in the future will look into those beautiful pair of ocean eyes. Calm weather, calm, and blow Roz where she wants to go. x

  • Yup, Roz, one by one, we can connect and make a difference at even the highest levels of policy making.  Today I called one person who I have had a running dialogue with, and who knows where he may have an impact. He is an every-day kind of guy who happens to work for my Representative. I called to ask if he was aware of the live streaming “24 Hours of Reality” and was going to suggest somebody in his office tune in. Before I finished telling him about it, he had tuned in and was already watching.

    He then followed-up on a conversation we were having when I visited him in DC in late June.  He told me his boss, my Representative Pete Stark, will propose (again) his “Save Our Climate Bill” in the next 2-3 weeks as a solution to the Deficit Reduction issue now being debated in Congress (targeting a resolution in November before Thanksgiving) and suggested I take a look at Pete’s newsletter: SEPTEMBER 2011: LEGISLATIVE REPORT which is available on his website at under the heading “New Legislation: Taxing Carbon”

    Roz, you are right. Government is us. Each and every one of us is part of the system of government. We can’t just assume THEY are going to “do it” for us.  So, even if it seems taking one small action is insignificant, being involved constantly myself (even if it is simply lending a supporting word) is how we influence people in even the highest positions.

    Appreciate your encouraging words, Roz. Row safely ;-D

  • You are a brave and courageous warrior, Roz.  You have a warrior’s determination and perseverance, softened by wit, wisdom and humility. Thinking of you daily, Susan in Vanc.

  • Here is a youtube video of an ocean rowing boar being tested for self righting ability. Please note that there are a bunch of people ready to help should anything go wrong and that due to the calm conditions, the un-capsizing is easier and faster. Also note that although he has warning and is ready for the roll via radio communication, his sweater is still wet after he rolls.

    You rock Roz! 

    “Fall down nine, get up ten!”

    Found another pic of you and Margo by Doug Demark and posted it on your facebook accounts… Cheers, keep self righting, keep following that internal compass of yours, ‘cos it points true!

    Row Roz Row!


  • All four of Roz’s oars broke before she was half way across the Atlantic. She patched up two of them and carried on to the end. The type she uses now have been well tested across the Pacific without any loss. New ones were obtained before she set off from Australia. Have confidence that she would find some way of making it through to the end.

  • That sounds like some pretty exciting boredom with the rolls and giant waves out there. Deb and I finished the purchase process for the smallholding yesterday, so it’s officially ours now (and the bank’s). To celebrate, we had Jan (who I think stopped by during dinner prep at our house when you visited) and our friend Kristina, who acted as our real estate agent join us for some champagne, and then I got on a ladder and cleaned all the gutters I could reach, which desperately needed it. Deb and I worked until we heard Canada geese on a nearby pond make a ruckus as they flew on to another location, we watched the sun set, then we called it a night. 

  • Have you tried trailing your sea anchor rope in a loop from one side of the bow to the other? This may provide enough drag to keep your bow on to the waves without slowing you as much as the sea anchor.

  • Last night I went to watch Al Gore’s 24 hour Climate Reality project at the Peninsula Conservation Center that houses 6 green non-profits, including Acterra. David Coale is riding for Acterra on the CA Climate Ride this year and I met some others who are doing the ride. 

    Al Gore is doing a great job with the Climate Reality videos and photos from around the world.  It is streaming live on YouTube so too bad you can’t see it – the good news is it will be stored for your return – even though the slide show repeats every hour, the presenters are local and add their regional twist. So for your followers here’s the link think of the great form you showed on the Climate Ride last year taking off at great speed around the Mendocino Headlands as you toss in your bunk.  I had a nice bike ride to Santa Cruz last Saturday and thought of how you inspired me to bike just that little bit further.Also something else to turn over in your mind to keep you from boredom – maybe you can draft your Indian Ocean book in your head and get a start on it.  Hopefully your power holds up and you have some calm before long to get shipshape again. 

  • As moved as I’ve been at times by your spirit and courage, every now and then the reality and totality of your accomplishments settle on me and I’m simply blown away.  You are an epic woman!  Keep on rowing, Roz!

  • OK, I just read Going Green but Getting Nowhere – and I don’t think it’s demotivating at all.  On the contrary, the article tries to motivate readers to pursue collective action that will make a real difference, rather than contenting themselves with individual “feel good” actions that are insufficient to make a significant difference.

    His point about gestural actions distracting from effective actions is also important.  There is only so much mind share to invest, both individually and as a society.  E.g. my earlier prediction that Obama’s health care initiative would push the global warming issue off the national stage has been proven correct.

    History does not show that corporations or governments take their direction from the accumulation of people within them.  E.g. Republicans in power work to grow government in every direction, despite their rank and file demanding the exact opposite.  Democrats in power keep expanding the War on Drugs and the wars in the Near East, despite the opinions of ordinary Democrats. The predilections of the people in power matter far more than the preferences of the man in the street.

    It’s good to show politicians the way by living greener, but it won’t make a significant difference until they pass laws preventing the majority from doing the things that aggravate global warming.

    Not buying a gallon of gas does not prevent someone else from buying it.

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