Roz at Machu Picchu, Peru

“An idea for a Philosophy Friday: Like you, my past life was control oriented and deadline driven. It consumed me. I have quashed many of my Type-A behaviors. But I am still unable to Trust the Universe, to believe that I am not try to control everything that happens in my life. I have a friend that has mastered this trust, and he is spiritual, calming, and truly happy.

Think back to when life’s troubles and disappointments appeared. They seemed like giant waves or mountains. But as time passed, we persevered and these bad things made us a better, wiser, kinder, stronger person. While I don’t believe that “things happen for a reason,” I believe that if we are more open to face these challenges head-on and are truly listening, we will gain that strength sooner.

So, my new journey begins with this attempt to Trust the Universe. Obviously, there are many changes that we can and must effect (no plastic bags, clean oceans and air, eating locally and organically, reducing our carbon footprints), but I think that we can gain positive power by not fighting and resisting the Universe and by using this new energy for changing and improving the things that can be changed.

Now I just have to figure out how to foster this trust.”

This sparked off some mid-ocean musings. At one stage I really had the hang of trusting the universe. It was just after I had stepped off the edge of my known world (job, marriage, home) and, contrary to my fears, had not fallen into a cold, dark limbo, but instead into an exciting, vibrant life full of freedom and potential. This is a fairly radical way to acquire trust in the universe. For me, it really, really worked in a very dramatic way, but it is not necessarily one I would recommend that you try at home. It can be a little traumatic for everybody concerned.

Shortly after that, I tested out my newfound trust by spending 3 months traveling alone in Peru. For the first time in my life, I chose my next steps intuitively rather than intellectually, and this powerfully reinforced my trust in the universe. I found travel a great way to let go of old ways of doing things, and to try out new ones. Being in unfamiliar surroundings helped me – in fact, forced me – to see things afresh.

The travel option is less radical than leaving husband, home, etc etc. – but there again, the bigger the leap of faith, the greater the level of trusting required and acquired. Like riding a bike for the first time, sometimes you just have to go for it. If you keep looking forwards and maintain your momentum, it will probably go well. But if you start to doubt yourself and look back, you are more likely to suffer a major wobble followed by a crash.

As to trusting the Universe in facing our environmental challenges, I agree that we too often focus on the problems, which creates feelings of combat and resistance. Personally, I would prefer to see us focusing on a different way of living that makes us happier and more fulfilled, and also just happens to be more sustainable. We need to focus on the positive, rather than on the problems.

Other Stuff:

After yesterday’s wonderful reprieve, today was a toughie. I passed that significant milestone, but there was little else today worth celebrating. Blown mostly sideways rather than forwards. Waves building to boatfiller proportions. Another iPod bit the dust, as did another set of Aquapac earbuds. I am down to my last set now.

Quote of the day: “Surrendering to life offers some wonderful realizations. We learn we’re capable of being in this dance, of working with whatever happens. We learn to trust ourselves and then others and, gradually, we learn that life itself can be trusted.” (Margaret Wheatley)

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  • I have ever found it easy to trust the universe, especially in the guise of nature; it is crowds that I cannot find comfort in. Photo: pickled mushrooms, Dock au kimchi; pickled beetroot; add baked sliced potato, & dinner is ready.

  • ” Like riding a bike for the first time, sometimes you just have to go for it.”…I agree..early on you may need some emotional “stablisers” and maybe  a lesson or two. Later, the odd pothole or puncture may throw you off course…but hop back on and keep peddling!!.
    The hard part is deciding where to end up!
    David Church

  • So is guessing Roz’s location a no no? She did mention a few days ago about a significant event. I’m thinking the significant event has to do with her location. I had written a long rant about trusting the universe but then I erased it, trusting that it wouldn’t be well received.

    Roz, fair winds and calm seas.

    • Guessing is good; announcing our guesses may not be just in case they’re
      accurate! It is frustrating because following Roz’s often tangled track has
      always been fun (for us) and there’s a sort of unreality about her adventure
      this time.

    • You and me both Jerry, We want to know and not know. Just want it to be a safe journey and not so much excitement. The readers might have to filter the admins, if the keyboard gets into the sub conscience. . Humor Rita / Roz/ only humor your way.

  • Isn’t this Philosophy Phriday?

    Well, it seems that those of us who wanted to see less economic growth to reduce “our” impact on Gaia should be happy. In the US economic growth has been stopped and, financially at least, reversed. In Europe much the same thing is happening for marginally different reasons. Population growth is halted as birth rates fall below replacement levels and abortion becomes more widespread. Other parts of the World are different, as always.

  • Trusting the impersonal has its limits. I trust my bicycle to get me from point a to point b but ultimately I am trusting the design, materials, and maintenance behind the bike.

    If “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth his handywork.” (Psalm 19:1) then the universe points my trust toward God.  As Paul wrote in Romans 1:20, “…the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made…” and I must be careful not to be among those who “…worshipped and served the creature (creation, the universe) more than the Creator…” (verse 25).

    Misdirecting trust (or worship) from the personal to the impersonal is like loving that which I receive more than the giver, gratification rather than my wife, or when I was young, food and shelter rather than my parents.

  • Re;”Personally, I would prefer to see us focusing on a different way of living that makes us happier and more fulfilled, and also just happens to be more sustainable. We need to focus on the positive, rather than on the problems.”

    Hear, hear Roz. Row well…

  • Hi Roz, I came across a really good item on the ABC Science Show in Australia a few days ago – an interview with Jennifer Lavers. It really reinforces your message and it was great that it was broadcast to get the word out. The summary “Migrating seabirds often skim across the water looking for food. They can’t distinguish plastic from fish and eat it. Jennifer Lavers has found large quantities of plastic in the stomachs of seabirds. 15% of one individual’s weight was plastic. Now it is known that floating plastics collect pollutants from the water and concentrate them. Some individual birds from Lord Howe Island have been shown to contain mercury at thousands of time the known safe level. Over time plastics break down to smaller pieces which collect in organisms which filter sea water. Jennifer Lavers calls for biodegradable alternatives to replace plastics.”. The link

  • Dearest wave jumper/ thump-er,
    Sleep with your mouth guard – worst yet to arrive – sadly. Not my writing , the weather.
    How I learned it and still practice to this day. With self, family , workers, etc.. all is very similar. Walls between past , present and future (sorry if this an earlier voyage repeat ROZ). It took time to build them, but does not necessarily require the same time to correct . They get built as long , thick and tall as we choose. Fear, trust , confusion, hurt , helplessness, angry, misunderstandings…… ( your words now). The wall protects us…. And prevents us from moving forward. Because the wall has to go with us wherever we go. Sloooows us down, tears us down…. Makes it hard to know what the heck we are doing  and going . Just being blind. Sooo we want to make a change. We need to talk and listen ,to others outside  the wall. Start with one brick, lets in sound, sun light, new air. Then as we talk to our selves,friends or lover . Get below the surface to the real reason or the meta message. The real talk will get to real understanding .. in most cases. As you gain truth , thrust and move toward understanding. Agree to remove a brick from the wall and now …. Use it to build a path.If the wall is very big, there will be many bricks to build new paths. The new path is a different way to move toward the future that is healthy. More talking , learning, listening and caring. The wall gets smaller. Paths can lead to mutual directions and to solo paths. The wall might be so small , it can become a planter. Just like growing friendships – they need daily tending , refreshing. Removing the load of the wall/ filters  frees a person up to move forward rapidly. Freedom needs patience . Remember these points: 1- what got your wall built – will not work to remove it. 2- whether fast or slow, continue to remove bricks. Or the wall gets rebuilt. Sometimes stronger than the last. 3- you need new knowledge / understanding to make new decisions. The human mind does not create it’s own best solutions. 4- Don’t ask someone to be something they are not. A forced friendship is a short friendship. 5- Forgive and move on. Angry weights more than bricks. Try swimming when your angry. 6- Freedom builds confidence. Confidence reduces FEAR to – False Expectations Appearing Real. – 7 – Give fear the wrong directions so it will never find you . 8- Come back daily to read about our friend Roz Savage – the wall buster. Ocean rower, environmental  teacher. Friend afar till she stands in front of you. She is a wordsmith with oars. A mind bender toward new beliefs, solutions. Send her more energy than she never asks for. Ask those folks north or west  of the Arabian sea to finish the human UK magnet . Pull our friend through this storm and in to calmer water. These are some of my thoughts on trust and getting it back. Bsavage  – you be you 🙂

  • Arnie, so glad to meet you, Vicki and Pete this evening. Chime in if you are inclined, Roz will enjoy hearing from you!

    Roz, from your shout-outs, I have an idea why you celebrated, but will keep it to myself. John is correct that any guesses (educated or otherwise) would not be. Loose lips … you know….

    Row confidently, Roz!

  • Nothing could be worse than the fear that one had given up too soon, and left one unexpended effort that might have saved the world.
    ~Jane Addams

    It is refreshing to watch a person lead by example. Terrific!

    btw re: “…It can be a little traumatic for everybody else concerned…”
    and combined with a positive heart…

    Those who mind don’t matter. Those who matter won’t mind.

    Row Roz Row!

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