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There are some kinds of weather that, while spectacular, are best enjoyed from a place of relative comfort, security, warmth and dryness. Thunderstorms, snowfalls, wild windy nights. Today might have been extremely enjoyable if seen from the deck of a luxury cruise liner. From a small rowboat, not so much. Gorgeous blue ocean, white-crested waves, little puffy clouds. As my boat rose and fell on the twenty-foot swells I had a lovely view out across my domain, lord of all I surveyed.

But it was hellacious for rowing. For everything, actually.

We had the first knockdown (boat on her side) before I’d even finished breakfast this morning. I was just having my morning Larabar – kind of my pre-breakfast breakfast – and taking my vitamin pills when the wave hit. Luckily the lids were on all the vitamin pill pots, or it could have been a nutritional disaster. As it was, it wasn’t too bad. I was glad I’d tidied and stowed everything while I was on the sea anchor last week – there was a lot less to fly around the cabin than there might have been otherwise.

And the rowing has been tough today too. It is very difficult to get both oars in at the same time when the water on one side of your boat is several feet higher than on the other side. But I did my best – and I can’t do better than that. Got to keep just showing up and sticking those oars in the water – or one of them at a time, at least!

Other Stuff:

I wasn’t able to pick up incoming emails last night. I got my outgoing messages off, but then lost the Iridium signal and couldn’t then maintain it for long enough to receive incomings. So I haven’t received any recent comments from the blog. Sorry! In any case, I had best get horizontal as soon as I can. The forecast shows another 3 days of these rough conditions, during which blogs may have to be shorter than usual for safety reasons. Thank heavens for that, do I hear you say?!

Quote for the day: “But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads.” (Albert Camus) (Feel free to feminise at will)

Photo: this lovely artwork by Suwin Chan is a fairly accurate depiction of how the ocean looked today – waves and rowboat to scale!

Sponsored Miles: Some of today’s miles were sponsored by an anonymous donor.


  • I love that artwork, and I’m glad I now know who created it! It sits on my desk at work, and I look to it when I feel a little overwhelmed. It helps me remember that constant effort, one thing at a time, gets results.

    Hang in there. We’ve got two weeks before we close on our smallholding (I really love that term — I wasn’t familiar with it before you mentioned it.) Maybe we’ll name a goat after you one day, as a salute to your tenacity.


  • Dear Roz, Dear Rita,
          I have had the feeling in the past that I am in between two parallel universes.  Now I know it is a fact.  Woke up this morning and checked Roz’s log on my iPod…Day 121 1st September 2011,  Trusting the Universe, with a picture of Roz at Machu Pichu.  When I got up and looked at Roz’s log on my  computer it said Day 121 1st September 2011, The Ups And Downs Of Oceans with a beautiful picture of Roz rowing (raowing?) in giant Hokusai waves. 😉 ;-).  Perhaps I am stuck in the twilight zone? ;-). It’s not so bad here really, I will be able to send letters to both Boris Johnsons asking him to promote a better world by banning the bag and commending him for the bicycle program.
         John Muir says in one of his books he liked to go out in storms, find the tallest tree in the forest, lash himself to the top and watch the storm pass while the tree waved back and forth in the wind. 
         I think it is time to sacrifice more chocolate muffins to Neptune Roz.  The first time must not have been enough.  I wonder, could you row with one oar to solve the uneven wave problem?  Seriously.   Heres hoping for calmer seas and fair winds and currents, or is that currants?   Cheers,    Stephen

    • Sorry about your parallel universe experience – you discovered our little error – today is Thursday, not philosophy Friday. You now know what is coming up tomorrow! Apology from Roz and Rita.

      • I often have no idea what day it is!…no need to apologise Rita 🙂

        hold tight Roz…I hope calmness enters your part of the world shortly!. Safe seas and fair winds.
        David Church

  • Roz, in the spirit of Suwin Chan’s poster … two haiku for you …

    gorgeous blue ocean
    rising on white-crested waves
    little puffy clouds

    my boat rose and fell
    twenty-foot swells lovely view
    across my domain

    Row zen, Roz!

  • Knowing of Roz’s time delay and now of the parallel universe(i), I feel a bit guilty having a head start with the below quotes… I will share them today for tomorrow giving me reason to be on summit during sunrise.   Everything is perfect in the universe – even your desire to improve it. Wayne Dyer  Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe. Albert Einstein The reason why the universe is eternal is that it does not live for itself; it gives life to others as it transforms. (insert Roz verbs here at liberty)Lao Tzu Duct tape is like the force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together. Oprah WinfreyThe Universe only believes in positive thoughts… send good vibes and she will hear it.btw Stephen, one of Roz’s friends and maybe a key person in minimizing/defement of Roz’s capsizes introduced me to John Muir’s grandson. He works on boats near Hyde Street Pier near the Dolphin Swimming and Boating Club adjacent to South End Rowing Club. If you have ever seen the picture of John Muir holding onto a Redwood in a storm, you would recognize this youthful version in half of a heart beat. He had John Muir’s presence… How about you coming up for a visit? … let’s say… end of September/ start of October… ? ~just sayin~Jay   

  • Hang in there till sunday night Roz , waves hgt will drop a little more.Clouds rolling in heavy. Keep the teeth guard in place. I wish this ocean blender was a little easier on you, like everyday! As an ocean rower and environmental educator, you are well respected as a cognoscente.

    Smile for the day- The rooster isn’t unpopular because he gets up early; it’s because he has so much to say about it.
    Thought for the day- One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it- Sidney Howard

    Be safe , stay warm and keep the smiles coming back our way. We are thinking of your contributions  daily.

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