13 March 2006

13th March

Excitement! It is 8am in Antigua. I have just had a phone call from Teresa at Woodvale. Aurora is with Roz. Her sea-anchor was giving problems, she could not haul it in. Aurora kept watch while Roz cut it free. She is now still rowing, quite unassisted, and only 27 miles to go! Isn’t that6 marvellous!
There are loads of emails this morning, I wonder if I can read them all before I need to do something else?
There is free wireless internet access at a restaurant just down the hill from where I am staying. A barrier was still across the entrance when I came down this morning, but I sneaked in, and am sitting up on a balcony, under the trees, looking over the harbour, and enjoying another sunny warm morning. Sorry folks in England, having to look at snow instead – and I can’t even send you a picture.
This may be my last dispatch – then over to Roz. Thanks for your support. Rita.

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