12 March 2006

12th March
Roz really has been unfortunate with the weather. Once again she has been stuck because of adverse winds -1 mile yesterday. Jonathan, here on the Island, and part of the sea rescue team, guesses that Aurora the support yacht will offer Roz a pair of oars, and if she still can’t make headway, a tow. The forecast shows that winds won’t change before Wednesday. Other boats had similar problems on the approach to Antigua.
It does mean that she would lose her unsupported status in the race, but nothing can take away her achievement in crossing the Atlantic Ocean. It will be a disappointment after struggling for so long, but Roz did start out not as a competitor, but with the aim of making the crossing.
I feel awfully frustrated waiting here for her -especially as I just cannot get the technology to work as I would wish – and a friendly expert was no more successful! Roz must be feeling even more frustrated and disappointed just sitting there and trying to not be blown backwards or southwards.
We are both due to fly back to the UK on Sunday, and time is running out.
Thank you so much for your sympathetic messages, so sorry I can’t answer them individually.

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