09 March 2006

9th March

The tide happens to be a flood of messages congratulating Roz on attaining the point where she is recorded as having crossed longitude 59.37, which was actually at 07.09 GMT on Wednesday 8th (her 99th day). Somebody has queried my use of 99 days, but I was taking that figure from the Atlantic Rowing Race website, which differed by one day from Roz’ running total. Grateful thanks for the lovely messages that have been arriving.
Another message had the words “the sound you hear is my clapping” – it wasn’t acutally what I was hearing, it was rain on the roof. So when David said that Roz would soon be on DRY land he was a bit mistaken, it is more likely to be a bit muddy!
Here on Antigua we were so hoping that Roz would get her mileage down to less than 100 to go today, but once again the weather is being unkind and the wind is proving less than helpful. She did do 22 today, so has another 110 to go.
Once again I am not sure whether I will be able to add a picture this evening or not. Watch this space.
Another sponsored mile: thanks to Rob and Cindy Owen with 2809 – she has now done 2821.

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