Today I crossed the Equator again, but no bubbly this time, as I lost my Pollywog-hood (Pollywogness? Pollywoggery?) last year. Too bad, as it was definitely cocktail hour when it happened.

I got no help from the elements today. Dead calm conditions, apart from during a couple of brief squalls this afternoon, and very little current. So it was all my own work (said with tone of pride).

So now I have crossed from N to S once again. And this time I intend to stay S, although how much S is still open to debate. I’m not worrying too much about it for now. I will just keep pushing south, which I need to do regardless of whether I am aiming for Australia or PNG, and I’ll just see how far south I can get before the prevailing winds kick in again. And take it from there.

For now life on board the Brocade is just tickety-boo.

Other Stuff:

There seem to be TWO Alfs. This morning I saw one spider on each side of the fore cabin roof. This is good. I like to have two of everything on board – just in case.

There was a lot of marine activity around my boat this morning. Patches of frenetic splashing at the surface, with birds swooping in to presumably scavenge the leftovers. Can’t tell you exactly what was happening, as it was all below the surface. But as it started about 2 minutes after I’d got out of the water for my morning swim, it freaked me out a bit. Am very much hoping this is not typical shark feeding behaviour, or my swims may be curtailed.

My skin is now falling off in large swathes. I’m quite glad I can’t see much of my back. From what I can see it is an interesting tapestry of red bits, brown bits, bubbly bits and peely bits. But what I can’t see doesn’t worry me. And this, my friends, is the fundamental problem with communicating most of our environmental problems.

Book review: very much enjoyed “Unexpected Thunderstorms” by William Boyd, one of my favourite authors. Set in the less salubrious parts of London, it’s gritty and urban, but a good murder mystery with interesting characters – none of whom are all good or all bad, but a very human mixture of the two. Recommended.

Am now enjoying “Outlander”, which I think was recommended to me by David Wilmot of Ocean Champions. I extracted a whole load of book recommendations from him when he and his wife hosted a dinner party so I could meet J Maarten Troost, author and one-time resident of Tarawa. I still haven’t read the resulting book – The Sex Lives of Cannibals. Must do so!

And finally, spare a thought for my sister, who is setting out to walk 500 miles across Spain (the Way of St James) for Shelterbox, an impressive organization that sends aid boxes and deployment teams to areas hit by disasters. Good luck, Tanya!

[photo: nothing but a rainbow to mark the Equator]


  • Hey there Roz! I think my Dad complained a bit more every time he crossed the Equator while in the Navy! I wasn’t alive then, but he had lots of stories he re-told us. Praying every day for your success. Roger

  • Cheers chuck, thinking of you as well! Glad everything is going well for you at the moment, long may it continue.
    here’s hoping to the two Alfs don’t turn out to be Mr and Mrs …

  • Congrats for passing the equator!!! May you have cooperative currents & wind to keep you south.

    Peaceful journey & safe seas,
    (Traverse City, MI – USA)

  • Congratulations on your second equator crossing! A rainbow is a magical thing and surely a good sign for you! SUPERLUBE your back! Smear some on a towel and lay on it.

  • Morning Roz,
    What a pretty way to start our day with a rainbow. Thank you Roz.
    My goodness – guest with teeth. I wish they could read the shark news. They would know you are a savage with an ocean purpose! A friendly with many moons and memories yet to make. Since they can sense electric current. Any chance you could go Zen like and become a dull ocean rower 10 minutes a day? Drats – I thought not. Bucket baths on deck… again. Darn those ocean white tips . Does anyone make shark flavored sun block?
    Have you read or heard any work by Linda Greenlaw ? I like her word smith skills, attitude and progression as a writer. I suppose her 15 years at sea and your 11 plus years in finance. Gave you all the skills needed to mold the willful character you both possess. Worth a look. I just ordered your book. Should I send Oprah a copy?
    Treasury of women’s quotations: By: Katherine Grahman-
    To love what you do and feel that it matters- how could anything be more fun?
    By Maya Angelou
    I speak to the black experience, but I am always talking about the human condition- about what we can endure, dream, fail at, and still survive.
    By Anon
    Give me a sense of humor, lord.
    Give me the grace to see a joke,
    To get some pleasure out of life,
    And pass it on to other folk.
    Words for your day: Ochlophobia-(ok-luh-FO-be-uh)
    An illogical fear or dread of crowds.
    Ontology: (on-TOLL-uh-jee)
    The study of existence or being.
    Are you sure ALF is not a web cam from Rita? Humor intended! Wishing you good rest when the oars are quiet.
    Ps: I wish you had some holographic toe nail polish. For just a little change of scenery. Smiles 🙂

  • Sorry Abigail, Roz is not able to follow links or access the internet with her limited technology at sea. What I usually do is follow the link and describe it to Roz if it is possible to do so. Because she can write blogs, take photographs and send them via her satphone, it is tempting to think that she can see what we can.

  • Roz, Seeing Bill Savage’s word “ontology” reminded me that your sun exposure is reminding me of “oncology”, that is, the study of cancer. In your case, you should be thinking “skin cancer.” With your fair skin you should be covering yourself up. This is a long term, real issue. What is with this sun worship?! Plus sun exposure can make for very unlovely skin when you hit age 50+. Am enjoying your blog, though! Many regards, Steve

  • Steve, Roz really is not a sun worshipper. She is doing her best to keep out of the sun; she uses skin products to avoid damage, but slipped up when it was a really cloudy day, not realising how harmful the sun can be even in those conditions. The sooner she can get a bit further away from the Equator, the better it will be. Thanks for your concern.

  • I was afraid she couldn’t see the cartoon – it is a person sitting on a very small desert island saying: Day 44, still stranded with nothing but flat empty water as far as the eye can see – however, in the cartoon, we can see everything that is below the water, fish, sharks, jellyfish, giant squid, boat wreck, submarine, vents with the strange worms that inhabit them at the bottom of the ocean, seaweed, etc. On the other hand, Roz knows what is down there!

  • Aloha from Hawaii! We all miss you here on the north shore! We just wrapped up the Kokua Festival this year without a hitch. Got to see Joel and thought of you! Next time you’re on Oahu look us up so you can meet Manukea! May the wind always be in you’re favor!


  • Hi Roz,
    I am just dropping in to say hi and to let you know that I miss bumping into you at Dog River and the Sports Club. I am going to keep up to date with your journey this time….so know you are in my prayers every night as I envision you on this adventure
    Lots of love

  • Hey Roz!
    Awesome progress! I love the little “Roz Icon” on your tracker! Do you get to crack open a cold one every time you cross the equator? If so i’d be tempted to just go back and forth! Ha! Your resolve and determination is infectious. It’s difficult to motivate people, even more so to inspire. You’ve inspired me to make changes!

    Holographic toenail polish! What a great idea! Think of the fun!

    Peace to You!

  • Roz. I’ve got a bu$hel of carrot$ and cas$ting them $Eerly, every minute down to 2.000$ for $tarters. Follow the golden trail and go get ’em la$$. There is an initial $cattering of 23 carrot$$ down to the latitude of Nauru and another 23 will be $cattered from Nauru to 1.000$, the another and another and another … $equentially 23 $pread each time out in front of you. Watch for ’em every minute.

  • oops … I meant to say $Werly … but on second thought, I suppose a little bit of $Eerly might not be a bad thing … so on third thought … $Eerly … every minute on the minute. Tick ’em off … tickety-boo … all the way to 2.000$ for $tarter$.

  • Roz, congratulations on the equator crossing, who knows, maybe you’ve got an Alf and an Anthea onboard as passengers, then soon you’ll hear the pitter patter of lots of little spidery feet and a whole family to keep you company!
    Best wishes, Steve

  • ALOHA ROZ from Oregon! RAINBOWS to you!
    that is a great message of encouragement to you!
    We are rowing with you and send you lots of energy!
    good to get book reviews also! and, sending your sis
    energy as well! Your Mom did an amazing job with her
    kids!!!!!! GO RITA! sending hugs, love, ALOHA… Carol

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