How uncomfortable does one have to be to be outside one’s comfort zone? Just wondering, as today life on board the Brocade started to feel just a little too luxurious.

I set up my bimini and strategically placed sarongs to hide me from the sun, and donned large sunhat and sunglasses. With the broad-brimmed hat and my white rowing gloves, I feel like some kind of debutante from the 1950s… who has forgotten to put her dress on.

I took my fan out on deck and positioned it just in front of my rowing position. And when even all these precautions were inadequate to keep me cool, I jumped in the water for a cooling swim, followed by a sponging down with fresh water – which I can afford to use extravagantly, for a change, because my watermaker is working beautifully so far.

So all in all, I was almost comfortable. Well, apart from the blisters, cramping hands, aching back and sore butt.

This made me start wondering if I’m getting soft in my old age. I remembered that epiphany I had on the Atlantic Ocean when I realized that it was okay that I was so miserably uncomfortable. I had wanted to get outside my comfort zone – and by definition, that is going to be uncomfortable. Duh!

But if my comfort zone has now expanded, and/or I’ve found a way to make my ocean rowing escapades more comfortable, then I’m not outside my comfort zone any more.

I’m not masochistic enough to make this deliberately more uncomfortable for myself. That would be rather silly. But am I really learning anything new if this is becoming same old, same old?

Or maybe I should be more careful what I wish for. And just say thank you, life, for not making me go through an experience like the Atlantic again. And long may this relative ease continue.

Other Stuff:

Thanks for the jokes – much appreciated! Nice to know you’re thinking of me. Special hello to Will Stockland – my wine drinking and philosophising buddy. Looking forward to a catch-up in Oxford later in the year.

Doug – okay then. Knock, knock…

Grumble of the day: laptops have to go on your lap. And they’re hot. This is very uncomfortable. One feature I really liked in Greg K’s vessel “WiTHiN” was its built-in keyboard table. Must try to figure out where I can put one in here.

My sunburn has now reached that interesting warty-toad stage, where it forms into bubbles of liquid, presumably in an attempt to allow the skin beneath a chance to heal. Hmm, attractive!

Alf the Spider (my stowaway from Tarawa) was spotted today, early afternoon, on the bulkhead of the fore cabin. So he’s still alive. Not visibly losing weight, although I’m not sure how you can tell with a spider. I just dread finding him one day with his eight little legs curled up in the air. Becoming quite fond of the little chap. Not much for conversation, but he is at least company.

Apologies for erratic behaviour of the RozTracker. I don’t really know what is going on – no problems evident from this end – but hopefully Evan and the Archinoetics heroes are onto it.

And as a final reflection on my comfort zone, I am feeling that it is time for me to start transitioning into the next phase of my life, to take on a new challenge. Hopefully this will be the Foundation that we are fundraising for at the moment through the Go Roz Go contest. The purpose of the foundation will be to nurture the next generation of people pursuing their life purpose – be it in adventure or anything else. If you can, please help support us. No contribution too small – it all adds up!


  • Roz, you paint a vivid picture … broad-brimmed hat, white rowing gloves, sun glasses … forgotten dress … you had me in stitches with this image … LOL

    Apropos words of wisdom: “Or maybe I should be more careful what I wish for.”

    Happy rowing, Roz ;-D

  • Nice to see that there is now some “south” in your southwest direction of travel. Seems the tech problems are under control at least for now.

  • Let’s hope Alf is not a Brown Recluse spider, a bug who packs a tissue destroying venom in his bite. Woe be the lone mariner who tussles with this arachnid. Now I’m not into pesticides, so I have wolf spiders and geckos hanging about the house and they keep it free from roaches.
    Well, were I you I’d keep a weather eye on that spider, it could an omen as in Robert The Bruce and you might have an epiphany of your future goals or return and rule Scotland, one

  • Hey Roz! This has to be the most awesome thing I ever came across, you are an instant inspiration & I’m telling everyone about your courageous actions. Thank you!!! …Do you think that little spider wants a piece of apple or something? they are hardy things with sticking power, spiders can live to be old (30 I think?) and can go with very little O2 and water. so he’ll probably be good for a few more trips around the world.

  • Hi Roz,

    Really looking forward to the vicarious thrill of following the final leg of your “First Ever Solo Woman to Row the Pacific” feat. I believe many who follow you envy your adventure.

    Looked at TED today to see if I could find your Mission Blue talk…will it be publicized?

    Rozta’ Bill

  • Hi Roz,

    Just got back from my 27-day adventure and found your blog. Great to see you are heading for Australia. My best to you. I am pulling along with you to make history.

    Warmest Aloha!

    Lorrin Lee

  • Candy and I wish you the best & “fun rowing”…OK, so perhaps “challenging rowing”. The blue Van misses you…next time what about the red Vette?
    We had a small sparrow on board the Ocean Planet when we crossed the Atlantic, but it didn’t make it…really felt bad. However, Spiders are something else, Alf will make it, I have a good feeling about her (how does one “sex” a spider?). Cheers

  • Roz, I’m unfamiliar with your concept of comfort that includes blisters, sunburn, aching back, and gazillion-degree temperatures, but I’m glad you’re finding it easygoing for now. I’m sure there will be some learning-opportunity surprises to come. The ocean, she does not disappoint in that arena. It is my opinion that you have earned some comforts, especially those that are innovations inspired by experience. Think cool thoughts!

  • Roz, it’s been far too long since I logged in to read of your adventures. As always, you awe and amaze me.

    A few years ago my husband, Hank, and I, befriended a spider camped out on a lovely beveled glass lamp shade in a rented Mexican casita. We never saw ‘Pepe’ leave the lampshade and hoped he had enough bugs attracted to the light to keep him alive. But, alas, one day after months of cohabitation, we awakened one morning to find him curled up dead. Sad, but happy to finally clean the lampshade guilt-free. 🙂

    Hope Alf fares better.

    All best,


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