Last night my coat and bag were stolen while I was at an event in Copenhagen. In my bag were my laptop and iPhone, amongst many other things. I have no insurance and no money – and now no credit cards – so I don’t know if or when I will be able to replace these items. So the future of this blog is uncertain at the moment. I am writing this on a laptop belonging to my host family, squinting at the screen as my reading glasses were also in my bag.

Until I get this mess sorted out and figure out how I’m going to get home, I will be rather busy and preoccupied. Also really rather upset. So it may be some time before I blog again.

This is the last thing I needed. I was here in Copenhagen to do all I can to help the cause. But this personal disaster is rather a distraction. It is little consolation to know that several other people at the same event were also victims of theft.

Out of interest, and also to assist in the police report, I have started to compile a list of what went missing. So you always wondered what a woman carries in her bag….?!

Macbook Pro laptop – my only computer. Software, financial information, contact info, appointments, etc. Last backup about 2 weeks ago, and excludes my photos of BB2B, COP15, etc, as well as much new contact info and details of many appointments.

iPhone 3G

Recharger cables

Sanyo Xacti video camera with footage from COP15

4 x SD memory cards (1 x 4GB, 3 x 2GB)

Quality headset for Skype calls and recording podcasts

SD card reader

SIM cards for US and UK phone numbers

Journal of personal thoughts – volume almost full

Book – The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, by Thom Hartmann

DaKine backpack

DaKine wallet

DaKine cables bag

Credit cards

Cash – krona, euros, pounds and dollars

Drivers license

Reading glasses

Notebook of To Do lists

Coat, hat, gloves

Travelcards for Copenhagen and London

Access passes for Bella Center and Fresh Air Center

USB sticks (4)

Coffee mug (made by Sigg)

Nalgene water bottle (with logo of

DVD of my intro video for use in presentations

Postcards I was going to send out to Kickstarter backers

Map of Copenhagen

Small food container full of nuts

Larabars x 2



I keep thinking of more things that are going to cause problems. I’d booked my Eurostar ticket yesterday to get back to the UK, but I can’t pick it up without the debit card I used to make the booking – which of course I’ve had to cancel. I have no cards that weren’t in the bag. No doubt as today goes on I’ll think of more things that will be very difficult to replace, especially with Christmas coming up fast so anything that takes “x working days” will be affected.

So I’m hoping and praying that the culprits might have just taken the cash, even the valuables, and just dumped everything else in a bin somewhere.

The things I will miss most, of course, are my laptop and iPhone. With no insurance I don’t know if/when I will be able to replace them. For a wandering nomad, these things are my lifeline – the main way that I interface with the world. I know that worse things happen, but at the moment this is a massive inconvenience, at a crucial point in time.

Everything happens for a reason, I keep telling myself. And this had better be a darned good one.


  • I’m very sorry to hear about this unfortunate incident, Roz. I’ve been through a similar, though surely less inconvenient situation myself. I wish you well as you sort this all out and get back on track, as I’m sure you will.

  • Disheartening news, Roz. Thinking good thoughts for you. If we donate on the upper right hand corner of this page, can you get access to the money right away?

  • I love you Roz and am praying & hoping for a birthday and Christmas miracle for you.

    I always think of you this time of year because your birthday is the same as my grandma’s.


  • Roz when you use the word DEVASTATED in caps it’s serious. So be devastated. Take some “Walden Time” and then please come back to us. The journal of your personal thoughts is the worst, that is priceless.
    Your friend from Powell’s in Portland.

  • “Everything happens for a reason, I keep telling myself. And this had better be a darned good one.” Roz Savage

    “The bad news was that all our booty had been plundered by another crew of pirates.”- Roz Savage

    You are going to be alright for “He Who Controls The Wind Controls All The Ships”.

  • Sorry to hear about the theft, that’s gotta hurt. I think we should all pull together for a brighter future for your world. Just curious, is there any sense of freedom with the loss of the technology? Like, a weight physically as well as spiritually without the binds of technology weighing on you? This may be a rare opportunity for you to simply just BE, at the conference, without the constant impulse to disconnect from the present and connect to the online world. This could be good thing, in a strange and unexpected way.

    If anyone is upgrading, think about giving your “old” computer or iphone to Roz, maybe?

  • Roz,

    Did you have your phone location services on? Do you have a mobile me account? Did you have your iphone set to allow “find my iphone”? If so, you can log into your account to find the general location of your iphone. Even if you didn’t have “find my iphone”, you might at least be able to wipe the data off that. Trouble is you sound like you had other personal data elsewhere that can be accessed by the thieves. Sorry for your losses. Somehow I wouldn’t have thought of Sweden as a place I would have to worry as much as in the states.

  • “Sense of freedom”? No, not so much! Not really very free with no money and no credit cards. And have to get on and try to sort out this mess, so my time isn’t even free to go to the conference. Will spend most of today on hold to various companies while I deal with the fallout.

    I know worse things happen – I’m still alive and healthy (although feeling exhausted after poor night’s sleep) – but at the moment my feelings are still in the mode of “total bummer”.

  • Damn those land-pirates…! With all of your recent experiences it does seem that the safest place on the planet which we are trying to save…is on the greater part…the oceans! I looked forward so much to your daily postings…! But if there is one thing that we all know about you Roz, it is the persistence of pursuit that sees your through the roughest of times. I will contribute what I can,too. Currin

  • Donation made. I’m unemployed and desperately wish I could do more. Good luck Roz, you’re in my thoughts. You continually inspire me and make me want to be a better ME, so I hope my small contribution can help in some way.

  • Roz:

    Amyr Klink once had all the footage and pictures of his solo cruise to Antarctica stolen from his boat in Paraty. Imagine that. Good news is: he’s alive and functioning, and, after that, made tons of new footage and pics in following voyages.

    Keep Ithaka always in your mind.

    (But easier said then done — I know how disheartening this can be.)

    My warmest wishes,

  • Roz, I wish I could give you a hug and tell you it will be okay and make the ssshhhhhh noise that I do when I need to soothe my girlfriend.

    You’re surrounded by thousands of people who can completely understand what’s happened to you. For now, until you get things settled, don’t be shy to ask for help from strangers. I hope you can get a new coat soon, and when you do, find some tape and a thick marker and write “Roz Savage – All Stuff Stolen – If found, contact through” Maybe the one person who may have found some of your stuff in a bin will know how to get it back to you. Mostly I hope someone gets your journal back to you. I have a friend whose home was broken into and they stole the box containing all of her journals. That, naturally, was the biggest loss to her.

    My love to you.

  • Roz, I’m so sorry to read that someone has stolen so much of your life, as it seems so much of yours is in digital format. They not only stole from you, they stole from us

    Do alert Apple, so they can keep an eye peeled for your particular serial numbers. As stated above, do check your account to see if your laptop shows up online (Back To My Mac has come in handy before:; same for your phone. And while I know it’s too late for this case, there’s also this little-known geek secret: This would allow you to mark your laptop as stolen, and glean important information should the thief ever have the unit turned on while near a wifi hotspot or other Internet connection. There are other comparable packages, but this one’s totally free.

    Again, I’m so sorry for your loss, as well as everyone else’s there.

  • Roz, I’ve loved tagging along virtually on your adventures, and while this one isn’t too cool, I have hope you’ll bounce out of it! I’ve sent a small present to giveforward. Merry Christmas! – Mike

  • Hey Rozlings, this may be a few days premature, but …

    You may already know Roz’s birthday is next Wednesday … December 23rd

    Let’s give her a virtual birthday party she will never forget!

    Help “Get Roz’s stuff back

    Let’s Rally ’round Roz! … ’round Roz … ’round Roz … Rally ’round Roz!

  • So sad. Especially when you’re one of the people who least deserves to have such bad luck and bad things happen to them (in my view!). Let us hope that you get at least some of your stuff back; maybe the iPhone tracking idea from ksn will help? Sending love and best wishes. Jonny x

  • Hi Roz,

    This afternoon I saw your Twitter messages about everything what happened.
    You are saving the word for everyone (most of the people that you don’t know), one of those did take you things.
    No one deserves this but especially you don’t deserve this….

    Aey and Baldwin

  • Hi Roz.

    We met on the Brita Climate Ride this fall. I was at the ORI Head of the Charles event in October and bought your book, Rowing the Atlantic.

    What a superbly written book! It was hard to put down. It was such an honest book – you really exposed yourself. That takes guts (of course any woman who would row across two oceans on her own probably has some courage…).

    Thanks for the wonderful stories.


    ps. So sorry to hear about your things having gotten stolen – what a drag.

  • S#!t Roz, so sorry to hear that happened to you!! It’s a huge “inconvenient truth” on a personal level.
    I can’t imagine, but if anyone can turn this disaster around I know you can. Best of luck in the recovery process.

  • Roz, I would not wish this on anyone, specially you! Such a sick, thoughtless person to take so many personal things. It is devistating at best! Roger

  • My Lord!!! what a bummer…even your reading glasses…take a deep breath…and a slug of beer…let us know about Unca Doug’s question about instant access to your “donation” account…we can help if that will help… if bucks or lbs or whatever can help in the short term…I pray that some kind soul or possibly even an “unkind” soul will help some if not all surface…it is definitely time for an early birthday present or two…my prayers and thoughts are with you and especially those who can help find your stuff…hang in there!

  • thanks UncaDoug for directing us to “Get Roz’s Stuff Back” site so I could do my part for Roz’s birthday…it will come back and around–just like the wind…maybe not as expected but it will…

  • Roz, more than happy to donate a few USD…and if all of your readers do so, you might replace some of your stuff. I had a similar incident in Spain, years ago. Yup, lost my passport…but I and my wife got home. What a mess. I doubt you will get much back, the computer and iPhone are worth a lot, as are the credit cards. Sorry…still let us know if we can donate cash.

  • Thank you so much for the kind offers of financial assistance to help me replace my stuff. A wonderful woman who I haven’t even met, but she’s a fan of the podcast, has set up an online donations center –

    Thank you all. I am very touched by the outpouring of kindness and sympathy, and support, that has followed my misfortune.

  • P.S. The online whip-round closes on Friday. So if you’re planning to give, please don’t leave it too late.

    And thanks again! R xx

  • Roz, Sorry to hear of this. I have had my wallet stolen in 1990 in Guatemala and in 2000 in St Petersberg, russia. both times, American Express had a new card for me the next day both times. It happened every 10 years, so 2010 might be another loss. Other credit cards took a bit longer. Perhaps your credit card replacement can be send overnight mail to you so you will have some access. the rest is stuff, precious, but you are ok and you are worth a lot more than stuff. The Jeep waits your return to Los Angeles,
    Warmest regards,

  • I am a supporter, Roz. You are inspiring. But the whole “everything happens for a reason” bit is inane and foolish. Not to mention trite. There may be a driving force behind all events, but it is an unthinking one, oblivious to our woes or triumphs, and utterly natural (as opposed to supernatural). We exist for each other, maybe, because of love. But there is no “reason” for any of this! Nonetheless, you will be more, shall we say “experienced” after this particularly unfortunate event. Best wishes!!

  • Thanks, Hawk. Normally I’d be all in favour of recycling, but I think I’d find it really hard to go back to an old model iPhone. Thanks to Nikki’s efforts, it looks as if I might be able to get a new one. I’ll keep you posted.

    Nick, please do not hose on my bonfire. I know that “everything happens for a reason” is trite, but I choose my beliefs based on whether they make me feel better or not. So please let me carry on searching for the silver lining in this cloud!

  • Hi Rosalind.
    Im from copenhagen, and today outside my house my nephew found a lot of your things; A bounch of credit cards, a diary and another book. Some postcards and two cds.
    Please contact me. Im on facebook.
    Hugs from Tina Rydbirk

  • Tina – thank you!!! Will do so immediately! The cards have all been cancelled, but the return of my journal would mean so much to me!! Am heading over to Facebook now, and hope to connect with you before I leave Copenhagen tonight!

  • Geez, maybe you should get a job to pay for these stolen items instead of whining about it while your arm is extended looking for handouts.

  • Can the police there find your cell phone via GPS? Maybe you could get your belongings back if they could locate it via satellite. Good Luck!

  • Roz, we are so sorry to hear what happened. And, I’m sorry we didn’t see this before. I didn’t see a response to the question about sending money to the website. We would like to send some financial support. Please let us know the best way to do so. (BTW, sold out your books at Kepler’s on Christmas Eve – it’s a VERY easy handsell).

    Sharon, Ismayil, Elise and Sasha

  • I know how you feel! I lost my money belt in Copenhagen, at the tail end of my three month backpacking tour. I had no passport, no Eurail pass, no place to stay (I had booked overnight trains in and out of Copenhagen, I never intended to stay the night) and very little money. I actually slept in the kitchen of a hostel that I sneaked into that night. I got up around 5 am before anyone noticed and headed to the US embassy. A few days later I lost my iPhone too! It was a pretty hellish week, but I got through it and eventually was able to finish a hobbled version of my trip and make it back to London for my flight back home.

  • Hi Andy – what a bummer! Isn’t it funny how at the time it’s so difficult to see a way out of a bad situation, and yet we survive…. and it makes a good story in the pub afterwards!

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