I have been deeply moved by the Rozling response to the crisis of the stolen backpack. Within hours of the theft, Nikki had launched an online fundraiser at GiveForward.org. I’ve never even met Nikki – she is a fan of the podcast who felt moved to help. The subject line of her email, letting me know what she had done, was “You are not alone”, and that absolutely sums up how I have felt, thanks to the outpouring of sympathy and generosity that has engulfed me since Sunday night.

Others have rallied around. Misty Weeks organized a whip-round in the restaurant. Yves Mathieu, a Climate Project presenter who is here in Copenhagen, has loaned me some cash. Mike Korchinsky of Wildlife Works bought me dinner last night. My host family, arranged through New Life Copenhagen, have loaned me their son’s mobile phone (ever tried using an unfamiliar phone – in Danish?!) and allowed me to use the family laptop (although I do have to fit in around the children’s homework). DaKine have been in touch to ask if they can replace my backpack and wallet.

So gradually I am getting things sorted out. My main problem at the moment is that I had hoped to rent a car for the 10 days I am in the UK, as I won’t be back there again until October next year and it would be the biggest Christmas present I could give myself to whizz around catching up with friends between Christmas and New Year. My itinerary would be just too complicated and too expensive to do by train. But I can’t rent a car without my driver’s licence and credit card, so my plans are on hold unless I can find someone to lend me a car. Any suggestions or offers welcome! And, err, I promise I’ll get my glasses replaced too before I try to drive anybody’s car anywhere!

Luckily I already had my train tickets from Copenhagen to Brussels, and Brussels to London, so at least I can get home in time for my birthday next Wednesday. 42 years old. Blimey! 21 years past 21. I probably own less, and hopefully know more, than 21 years ago.

So hopefully soon I will be getting back to normal and can refocus on what I came here for – doing my bit to help seal the deal here at COP15.

Other Stuff:

A top techie tip if your iPhone goes astray – if you use MobileMe you can use it to locate your iPhone (provided your data roaming is turned on, which unfortunately mine wasn’t).

Apologies for lack of COP15 reporting. Also apologies for no photos, but with no laptop, iPhone or camera I have no way of taking pics. But here is a short video message recorded in less impoverished times, for Planet Positive’s Vision 2020.


  • Had to check in this morning and see how you were doing…with what is on your plate now, no worries about the meetings and your planned coverage…notes, thoughts, reflections can come in due time…too bad I am in US…have an extra car that would definitely be available, but suspect someone closer may surprise you…assume there is no news about locating any of your lost items…it is always strange and mysterious how life throws us curves just when we are “on a roll”…always humbling and cause for reflection…hang in and as my dad always says, “It will all work out” trite but true…we are there in spirit–a day at a time…

  • I emailed you about a car via your gmail account. Spare car in Gloucestershire for (within reason) as long as you need it.

  • Roz,

    I’m glad to have helped. Your inspirational story was what helped me ditch my day job and, in your footsteps as it were, follow the thing I really love.

    Okay, so that’s sitting in a studio podcasting, but your story helped me make that decision. When I heard of your bad luck in Copenhagen it made sense to jump online and help collect for you.

    Folks, we’re now at $2,500. You guys rock, You really do. Hopefully Roz will get the stuff sorted ASAP.

    And Roz, email me if you’re in the Bristol area at any point. I’ll buy you coffee.

  • So Nikki – we’re up to $2,500?!! That is incredible!!!! You guys do indeed rock! I feel very lucky. I just wish I was putting that money towards Pacific III instead of just trying to get back to where I was before the thief came along… but that’s life. **it happens!

    Funny, for some reason I’d thought you were American. No offence! πŸ™‚ If I’m picking up Alun’s car from Cheltenham then I won’t be far from Bristol, and it would be lovely to meet! What are you doing on Dec 23? Maybe a birthday coffee?!

  • Roz –

    Absolutely! No, not American (although my wife is). I’m a British born British Canadian! I’m told we’re very alike though (yes, all those jokes about two women sharing a house!)

    We’re just under $2500 in donations ($2,300 and some if I remember correctly). But I expect that to go up!

    I’m on the North Side of Bristol. Why don’t you email me about the 23rd. There’s a great coffee house on a street I know you’ll love.

  • Roz, if there’s a lost and found at the conference center, don’t forget to check it before you leave in case the thief abandoned the non-sellable items while still at the center and someone nice turned it in.

  • im shock when i learned your stuff were stolen in (of all places Copenhagen climate change summit).
    that theft must not supposed to be there in Copenhagen.
    what was he doing there???
    hopefully you will get back on track soon.
    my prayers and supports still with you.’
    take care. advance happy birthday!

  • Smells like a drunken folly or a scam to raise money. Why list everything you lost, so others will donate more to you?! Like they say: Buyer Beware. With no license, how can you legally drive a car?

  • These replies also represent the best and worst of human nature, and perhaps the reason why there is such difficulty in coming to an agreement on the course of action for climate change. Many steps forward disappear in a morass of distrust.

  • James, I have a mutual friend who is also in Copenhagen (volunteering with Klimaforum09.org) and we chatted on facebook earlier today. He told me that he and Roz, were both robbed. His was at the hands of a pick pocket on a bus. He volunteered the information and had no clue that I knew about Roz’s plight. There is no need not to trust Roz. Thankfully, Roz has a safe harbor with a wonderful, gracious Danish Family.

  • I am so sorry about your stolen backpack – it is a huge loss on all counts. I’d like to offer a challenge for all of the Rozlings out there. I make the Sterling Knife Sharpener which is offered on Roz’s Site. All of the proceeds from the special edition sharpener go directly to Blue Frontier Campaign to help with Roz’s Row Across the Pacific. I will donate an additional matching amount for all sharpeners ordered by Roz’s birthday – December 23. Keep your chin up, Roz, and let me know if I can help in any other way. Take care, Bonnie

  • Perhaps I’m needlessly paranoid, but if I’d been informed that someone I’d never met had set up an Internet fundraiser in my name, just after I’d lost everything useful for stealing my identity, I’d be VERY suspicious.

    What’s the cost of accepting a donation via your PayPal link? GiveForward’s 5.6% bite sounds a bit deep to me, but I’ve never received money via PayPal, so I can’t compare.

    Question: Do you believe that you have sole control over your PayPal account? Could the thief with your computer access (or spend) donations sent there?

    (If you think cybercriminals are only hypothetical, or overlooking you, just look at your SMTP or HTTP server logs.)

  • With all due respect to Nikki, of whom I know nothing, I chose to donate something to help Roz out through PayPal (which may not charge a fee for donations–I’m not sure–they charge merchants who are making money). I also was uncomfortable entering credit card information on the fundraiser site. That said, I’m going to trust that Nikki’s fundraiser gets the money to Roz to help replace her stuff. Glad to hear that problems are being solved and people are stepping forward to help out. Roz, when my wallet was stolen in Canada, replacing my driver’s license just meant going down and getting a new photo and I walked out with it, and credit card companies usually replace cards fast once you call and report the theft so they can cancel the card(s). So you may have both quite quickly once you are back in the UK–though sounds like you have the use of a car, which will help.

    Oh, and I’m writing an exam on your birthday and will think of you celebrating your amazing life to bring me good luck and clear thinking!

  • I haven’t lost my faith in human nature totally, and I am certain that Nikki is trustworthy – or she deserves an Oscar for convincing acting! I can’t remember what the PayPal cut is. I think it is at least 4%, possibly more.

    Unfortunately UK systems don’t work as fast as US ones. We have explored this at length, and there seems to be no way round 5 working days for credit cards, and 15 working days for a drivers license.

    My bag wasn’t at the Bella Center when it was taken. It was several miles away, where I was attending a private function to mark the opening of the CO2 Cube. But I will try again today to contact the police Lost and Found Department. Their number has been busy all week.

    Sigh. Rather a gumption trap. Mission for today is to see if I can get some new glasses asap. Am developing eye strain from squinting at the screen of a borrowed computer!

  • Hi everyone,

    Wow. I’m shocked at how suspicious folks are. I guess this has left me a little jaded!

    I contacted Roz straight away to let her know what I’m planning, and I’ve also talked with GiveForward (and Roz) to make sure that all money collected goes straight to her.

    I would like to suggest though that people do some quick googling of me before they decide I’m scamming people.

    1) I’m a known blogger and EV advocate. I’m very public about who I am and where I am (Scamsters don’t do that)

    2) I host two podcasts every week, and produce an online videocast. You should check out the EVcast and TWiE before assuming I’m someone out to get folk’s money fraudulently!

    3) I’m just a woman who saw some injustice in the world and decided to do something good for someone else. No Ulterior motive. No forethought. No Malace. Just the hope that someone else who has had a bad experience can have a good outcome to all the nastiness!

    Seriously folks, do think twice before saying something horrible about someone.



  • Nikki, You’ve done a great service. Sometimes you just need to trust people to do the right thing (admittedly at the risk of being disappointed). You really stepped up when initiative was needed.

    Roz, While cold comfort, at least you haven’t been wasting your time waiting for hours in the cold at the Bella Centre. My friends tell me it has been a debacle.

    Hang in there! jim

  • It’s unfortunate that the world has become the way it is with thieves, I guess they’ve always been here, sever climate issues and a whole lot of mistrust. Every email I get and every story I read I do so with a bit of skepticism. We’ve become a mistrusting society and I don’t like it.
    Fortunately we have people like Roz and Niki who we can and do trust. Let’s stop talking about it and just jump in there and give Roz a break with a donation! She’s doing a lot for use it’s the least we can do for her.
    KennyB USA

  • In the UK it is not quite so vital for a driver to be carrying a driving license, and our licenses are in two parts, one plastic and one paper. Roz still has possession of the paper, so will not be driving illegally. May I add my personal thanks to those who are being so kind to Roz in this predicament. People ask me if I am afraid for her when she is at sea, well I have sleepless nights when she is on land as well. Such as now. In fact, as someone has said, she is safer out on the ocean. Best wishes to all Rozlings for Christmas and the New Year.

  • Hi All,
    Roz, you are so inspiring. I just cannot get over it–what you have done (leave your reg job and row across the oceans!) and what you are doing presently. WOW. A million times WOW!
    I love your cause. You GO GIRL!
    Nikki, it is a sad world when people have been so scammed, that when thieves present their behaviors, “normal” people think other scammers will try to benefit from it. Unfortunately, that *is* our world in many cases.
    You seem like an extremely compassionate, reputable and upstanding person and I thank you for your efforts and big heart. πŸ™‚

  • Rita, it’s obvious where Roz gets her grit from! As a mom, I can imagine the many sleepless nights!

    Roz, the only person who should be apologizing here is the one who stole your stuff….seriously!
    But, it is very heartening to see all the Good being generated here by the collective response,
    talk about “pulling together”!

    If only world leaders could work as well together to solve a crisis, one can only hope….

  • Hey Roz,

    I have an HP mini Netbook. I use it when traveling but, since I am not traveling right now, I’d be happy to send it to you for your use. It is not a mac but it is a cute little thing and I’d be delighted to send it to you if you’d like to use it for an extended period of time.

    I realize that is not the same as having your own, with all it’s stuff on it, but do let me know and I’ll express it to you immediately.

    Laurey in Asheville.

    e-mail me directly if you’d like it:
    or laurey@laureysyum.com

  • Googling ‘roz savage’ this morning, I found this link to Artnet News. Roz’s name appears under the heading WooLoo Productions, but the entire page tells the story of the “art” projects that surround Roz’s stay in Copenhagen. The video on this page explains what it took to find 3000 families to host COP15 participants, including Roz. These helped give me a sense of what is happening in Copenhagen. Enjoy.

  • Roz, I’m so sorry about all of this — but so happy to hear that you’ve been receiving help! πŸ™‚

    By the way, funny coincidence — my 42-year birthday is also next week, on Saturday the 26th! So we are nearly identical in age — who knew? πŸ™‚

    Take care & good luck in your recovery! – Jenny Nordstrom (Climate Ride)

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