I rarely ask for anything on this site/newsletter – I aim to give far more than I get (although in fact the giving is a kind of getting because I really enjoy it!).

Anyhow, now I am asking you to consider a possibility, especially if you live in the US near DC, Baltimore, San Francisco or Los Angeles. If you live in India, especially in or near New Delhi, please also keep reading.

A number of organisations have asked me to come and speak in the US this autumn, but as nonprofits, they have limited budgets. They can cover my travel and accommodation, but have nothing to spare for an honorarium. If I’m going to take 2-3 weeks out of my life, pay the bills, and better justify my carbon emissions, I need to rustle up some paid speaking engagements as well.

So, if you work at a company, or have a well-endowed non-profit, or have a generous circle of friends, or are a member of a club or society, or in any other way have access to a venue and funds, and would like to have me come and speak, please get in touch.

As you’ll know as a regular reader of this blog, I can talk on a range of topics, as rowing across oceans is an excellent metaphor for most challenges that crop up on life’s journey. Favourite subjects include:

  • TED Talk


  • Leadership for uncertain times
  • Mindset and motivation
  • Stories we tell ourselves (which become our reality)
  • Sustainability
  • Women and the future

More about these topics, plus my CV, here.

Showreel here.

Testimonials here.

Miriam Staley

I’m currently expecting to be in the US from approximately 25th October to 15th November. Events can also include a book signing.

For more details on fees and availability, please get in touch with my amazing manager, Miriam Staley, at Leading Minds Worldwide.

Email: miriam@leadingmindsww.com

Phone: +44 7771 707951 (Central European time zone)


Now to India. My wonderful friends at Vedica Scholars have invited me to come and teach my short course on courage again this year, as I did in December last year. I’d very much like to do this, but as a relatively new scholarship scheme they have very little budget for visiting teachers. So I’m seeking opportunities for paid speaking engagements while I am in New Delhi this coming December. Again, Miriam is the point of contact.

I look forward very much to hearing from you – and hope there will be an opportunity to see you in person very soon!


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