-- Sir Richard Branson

“Roz recently spoke to Gannett employees about ways to face stormy seas on the path to transforming our business. Her lessons in grit and perseverance will help anyone navigating today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.”

- Maryam Banikarim, Gannett Co., Inc.


“Roz was energetic, passionate, engaging and real. Her connection with both our employees and our clients, and the dialogue it sparked both within the room and beyond was tremendous. Everyone left with a little optimistic spring in their step, inspired to make changes and live their lives a little differently. It was an amazing experience to share her world for that hour.”

- Jill Ford, Credit Suisse


“Women were still talking about you after the conference ended.  What a tremendous inspiration you were, and are, to all of us.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.“

- Amy Belivacqua, YaleWomen


“I’ve been in the radio business over 30 years and have produced countless interviews, but yours was one of the most beautiful.  And memorable.”

- Neva Grant, National Public Radio


“Our time together was very special for us. You are a natural presenter and so quick on your feet. You adapt to the audience and your delivery is so natural. You make it appear effortless which is the mark of a true professional. I was taking presentation notes the entire time you were with the WPO chapter.”

- Scott Balogh, World Presidents Organisation


“Last night you provided and elegant and graceful performance that charmed us all.  You are a fantastic ambassador for the rowing world and for those of us who care so passionately about the ocean and the environment.” - Brian Baird, Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco

"A captive audience of 400 adolescent boys is a very hard sell, but Roz connected in a way that most public speakers only aspire to.  Of course the story itself (and the video footage) was riveting, and her solo crossing was an extraordinary achievement, but it was Roz’ warmth, humor, accessibility and authenticity that captured our hearts.  When Roz drove away in her little yellow truck, she left behind an energized and inspired community."

- Deb Caughron, Woodberry School, Virginia


“When I booked Ocean Rower Roz Savage to speak as part of the University Lectures 2012-13 season, I assumed our audience would see some of her amazing photos and hear of her incredible adventures of fortitude, endurance, and strength, and that’s exactly what we heard—that and a whole lot more.  What we learned from Roz was to question the status quo of our lives; to examine our lives and have the faith and courage to step outside our comfort zone and redefine our priorities.  An ardent environmentalist, Roz encouraged the audience, but especially our students, to use their power to change the world for the better, replacing conspicuous consumption with conservation. She challenged our students to search for their dream and to realize they all have a bigger purpose than to simply get stuck in the career path that is expected of them.

Our audiences are composed of both campus community and the greater Syracuse community.  Roz’s message spoke to everyone.  She captivated the audience, held us spellbound, and left us with an enduring and heartfelt message.  Then, the next morning, she did the same thing with several hundred middle school students.  Roz is an amazing speaker but she would claim she is just an ordinary woman.  However, if that’s true, she is an ordinary woman who took it upon herself to do extraordinary things.  She has many fans in Syracuse who are now waiting to see what she will do next.  Inviting Roz Savage to be part of the University Lectures schedule was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  I recommend her highly.”

- Esther Gray, Syracuse University