Bath, Somerset, UK

My tour of Britain continues with a visit to an old friend and his fiancee near the beautiful city of Bath in SW England. I met Mike when he was with Creative, who were one of the sponsors for my Peruvian expedition in 2003.

Last night Mike and I brainstormed a strategy for my website content (which will lead to some subtle changes over the coming months) while Emma, a freediver and former filmmaker, produced a delicious and healthy dinner. She shares my fetish for sprouting seeds, so we compared notes on best sprouters and principles of healthy eating.

Tonight I return to Oxford for a meeting with a new recruit to my team, then a drink with Lord Butler, the master of my former Oxford college. Tomorrow I am off to Bristol to see my reprobate friend George of the Atlantic 4 crew that competed in the Atlantic Rowing Race 2005.

All good fun stuff – a happy combination of business and pleasure.

[photo: another pic from the West Highland Way in Scotland]

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