Bristol, UK

Further to my last blog, a lot of people have been asking for more information on beansprouts (with the notable exception of my friend Reprobate George, who cooked a fab beef curry last night, but not a sprout in sight…).

I do not claim to be an expert, so will point you in the direction of my beansprout sponsors,Sproutpeople of San Francisco. They provided me with bags of their Beanie, San Francisco and Peasant mixes, and a beansprouter.

Speaking of beansprouters, I am trying to find one like Emma’s – a system of square, stackable trays with narrow drainage slots in the base. But unfortunately there was no manufacturer’s name on it, and I am rarely online while I am on the road so haven’t had time to search the internet for it.

Any information much appreciated!

[photo: my old beansprouter, made by Biosnacky, on board Sedna in mid-Atlantic]

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