13th September was one of the highlights of the semester, with all 16 of the Yale World Fellows on hand to talk about their countries, careers, and lives, to all and sundry. Unfortunately I was in the depths of my ear / throat / chest affliction, but one of the problems with having rowed solo across three oceans is that people tend to mistakenly think that you’re hardcore, so wimping out on the pretext of a mere cold was not an option.

I survived, and was glad that I went. I got to meet some US Coast Guard trainees, in rather more pleasant circumstances than when I met some of their senior colleagues in 2007, as well as countless others who passed by my table in the course of the evening. Overall, it was a fun evening, and I thought you’d like to see some of the photos of me and my colleagues at work.

My exhibit, Larabars (courtesy of my sponsors) to answer the FAQ “So what do you eat?”
Gabriella from Mexico, artistic curator and entrepren
Sisonke from South Africa, human rights campaigner with George Soros’s Open Society Initiativ
Me talking to the US Coast Guard trainees
Wanja from Kenya, LGBTI campaigne
Paula from Chile, high-powered magazine editor for El Mercuri
Martín from Argentina, economist and former politician
Martin Sturgeon, British army officer
Kamal from Morocco, UN peacekeeper
Julien, our French bureaucrat and agriculture wonk
Ayush from India, engineer, designer, recently engaged in the “Potty Project” initiative by Bill Gates to design sustainable sanitation
Bibi from Nigeria, scholar, feminist and publisher
Réda from Morocco, human rights lawy
Ian, our distinguished Chinese banker
Ruchi, supporting elected female representatives in India

So that’s the gang. I haven’t yet introduced you to the awesome team of staff that direct and administer the program, but that will have to wait for another day and another blog. I have to go and do my homework now!

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