Oxford, UK

Looking around at my college reunion last night, there were a few surprises. 20 years after we first arrived as freshers in Oxford, rebels have become establishment, and free spirits have become responsible parents. Most were slightly greyer, balder, fatter or wrinklier, but some had barely aged at all, or even improved with age.

If we had, 20 years ago, written our notions of what other people would be doing in 2006, I doubt if there would have been many right answers. If I’d had to write a prediction about my own life, I would certainly have been way off the mark. I’d have guessed I’d be a wife and mother, living in the Home Counties in a nice house, rather than a nomad wandering the world and rowing across oceans.

But I wouldn’t change my life for a moment. It’s unpredictable and insecure, but I love it. It feels like I’m really living.

[Photo: me between Jon Taylor and Robert ‘Spike’ Milligan – fellow law students at Univ, and now a successful sports lawyer and barrister respectively. And respectably.]

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