Eugene, Oregon

During my Pacific row I will be sticking electrodes on my body every day. No, not some demented way to make my ocean experience even more unpleasant – but a high-tech way to monitor how my body is coping with the stresses and strains of rowing an ocean.

On Thursday, as I was en route from San Francisco to Hood River, I stopped off in Eugene to collect my physiological testing gadget from OmegaWave.

Click here for the full story, as it appeared in the local press (please note that I was not, in fact, the first woman to row solo across the Atlantic. Just the first to compete in the Atlantic Rowing Race).

I have now taken delivery of all the gadgets I need to collect data for my WatchKeeper Project – which will provide a wealth of information to my website. allowing visitors to follow my every move as I cross the Pacific. As well as the OmegaWave testing station, I will have:

– a Davis Instruments weather station to provide meterological information (with forecasts provided by the Royal Navy)

– a MarineTrack tracking beacon to provide lat and long, current speed and bearing

– a heart rate monitor to provide details of heart rate and calories burned

– a psychological questionnaire, devised by Dr Neil Weston at the University of Portsmouth, to assess my mental state

– plus the usual blogs and photos, and hopefully podcasts and even video-blogs as well.

You will know more about me than you ever really wanted to know….

[photo courtesy of Register Guard]

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