I started drafting a blog about the pirate issue that has been so much on my mind (and on my Twitter) over the last few weeks. But I need to consult with a couple more experts before I am ready to go public with my revised plan.

Sedna in her new "stealth purple"

Meanwhile, I have an important request to make. Newcomers to the website would find it extremely difficult to unearth my oceanic blogs from the Atlantic and Pacific. They would need to know exactly when I did those rows, and go to the relevant dates in the blog archive. Not very user-friendly.

So my plan is to tag and categorise the archive so that people can more easily find the blogs they want. Somehow my oldest blogs, which date back to 2003, have dropped off the bottom somewhere along the way, but this is still a substantial task, with blogs going back to November 2005 (the start of the Atlantic row). I need help. Many hands make light work, so the more volunteers that come forward, the more widely we can share the workload.

The work would involve going into each blog entry individually, checking a box to allocate it to a category, and picking out a few key words to use as tags. These will then appear in the tag cloud, which along with the categories will provide another way to access the archive.

Ideally you would have:

– ability to spare about 24 hours total working time

– a good internet connection

– a methodical approach

– ideally, but not necessarily, some familiarity with WordPress.

I will give you detailed step-by-step instructions on what needs to be done, so no particular expertise is required.

If you are interested in helping me out (pretty please!) then please contact me via the form on this website. I’m afraid I can’t afford to pay you, but you would earn my eternal gratitude and major karma points.

Thank you!

At the launch of the Garage Sale Trail yesterday

Other Stuff:

My love and sympathy go out to UncaDoug, whose father passed away last week at the age of 94. I never had the privilege of meeting Mr Grandt Sr, but I am sorry to lose my oldest fan. He must have been a very special man, because he raised a very special son.

Yesterday I helped launch the Garage Sale Trail here in Sydney. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure, so garage sales are a fantastic way to reallocate resources and keep stuff out of landfill – and out of the oceans.

Then I went on to say a few words at the Sydney Rotary lunch, then in the evening a few more words at Greenups. Networking, green people and adult beverages – all my favourite things under one roof!

Happy birthday to June for yesterday!


  • Hi Roz,

    Sorry but I can’t really help with the blog. However, on the pirate issue, have you considered rowing from Australia to South Africa? The currents are tricky because you don’t want to go too far north or south or they’ll take you east or north. But if you can split the difference and keep south of Madagascar you should be OK. I’d definitely consult your experts first but it’s worth a look.

  • By doing this you can get all those miscellaneous things out of the way and put somewhere you might not need to access everyday. This will also help if you have a lot of blankets or extra pillows and comforters, you can easily fold them up and store them for when your guest come. Second, it is important to have things labeled so you can find them when it is holiday time or that special occasion.

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