San Francisco, California

Trip 1: my iTrip, the snazziest little gizmo for playing music from your iPod in your car. It converts the music into an FM radio signal that the car’s stereo system can pick up. It made all the difference to my drive up Highway 101. The only bit of bad news? It’s illegal in the UK. Transmitting a radio signal, even if it’s only the six inches from your iPod to your car stereo, turns you into a pirate radio station.

Trip 2: a hiking trip in the Wunderlich County Park just a few miles down the road from Robert’s Nook. This is my new fitness regime – a brisk 5 mile walk/jog/run every day, climbing 1,650 feet and down again, through redwoods, eucalyptus, oaks and fir trees – shady and fragrant. Who could resist a path called Bear Gulch Trail? It makes exercise almost enjoyable.

Redwoods along the Bear Gulch Trail

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