We recently released a completely new version of this website.  We hope you like it. If you have any comments, whether good or bad, please use this page to let us know your thoughts. Below is a running log of the updates that we’ve made.

New Website Update Log

  • August 3, 2009, 10:30am Hawaii: Fixed the Blog page so now if you click the ‘Comments’ link it will take you to the Comments for that blog.
  • 1pm Hawaii time (8/1): The site seems to be doing well, Roz’s blog came in last night, and comments are coming in now too. We apologize about the photos. We’ll get this fixed soon and might just manually need to enter photos until we can get it worked out. Does anyone know a good WordPress plugin for supporting emailing blogs and photos? I’ve tried Postie, but it seems to be having issues.
  • 10:30pm Hawaii time (7/31): The website should be fully functional right now, although there may still be a few broken links that we will fix soon. Roz’s blog for the evening should be here any minute. We’ll make sure it goes through properly… and then go to sleep!
  • ~6pm Hawaii time (7/31): The website is mostly up and functioning, with some pages and content still to be updated soon. We are aware that comments from two blogs were not entirely moved (Day 67 and Day 68). These will be moved over soon.
  • ~12pm Hawaii time:  We are currently updating Roz’s site, so you may experience some issues for the next several hours.


  • I miss the blog button on the top navi bar It’s not quite intuitive to look at the right hand side for recent blogs… Great new look overall…

  • Good work, Evan. The only thing I see that needs a finishing touch is today’s comments did not get transferred. There were about a dozen good comments today. Great new look and unified functionality. Ties together.

  • One more thing, Evan. I like the PodCast archive, and would like to see the RozCasts similarly listed. Perhaps cut the “bulletin board” section in the center in half (eliminate the number of comments) and use that space for the RozCast archive list.

  • Cory – ask and you shall receive! Blog button is now on the top bar again. This was actually planned all along, I just hadn’t finished building that page yet.

  • Wow to all who made this work. It’s GREAT!

    Thanks, Roz, for the remembering the big picture part. Tough days for me at my job and it is very demoralizing and disheartening. Hard to remember what I am even doing it for – from the close view. From the long view, it is good to try to remember that there are very good reasons to keep going.

    Thank you.
    Laurey in Asheville

  • I just heard podcast # 54 and wanted to put some figures to the number of sharks which are disappearing from the oceans. In 2006 the estimate for sharks killed for the fin trade alone is 38 million, and estimates for the total number of sharks killed every year range up to 100 million. Shark populations have declined by 70% worldwide in the past two decades alone, and the East Coast of the United States has seen a 90% decline in shark population since the 1970’s. Worldwide sharks kill about 10 human beings a year. Sourced from This Week in Science – 25 November, 2008.

  • Evan, the i icon (“Info”) on RozTracker MAP view does not show Distance, Heading, Latitude or Longitude when moving the cursor around the map. Same results with or without the pushpin icon (“Show”) checked. It was working prior to the migration Friday. Has not worked since for me. I use Firefox 3.0.12 and Safari 3.2.3 with same results. Just in case you hadn’t noticed yet.

  • I wrote: Same results with or without the pushpin icon (”Show”) checked.

    What I meant was …
    Same results with or without the GPS Markers box being checked under pushpin icon (”Show”).

  • Roz, I’m just as hooked following you across the Pacific as I was when you were rowing across the Atlantic. I’ve ordered the book, but it will come when I’m in Australia on a speaking tour. I’ll have it as a treat when I get back. Loved the Austen bit, I’ve been immersed in P&P modern takes such as what would the story be like told from Mr. Darcy’s viewpoint? How would your tale sound from Brocade? or from the booby? We are all pulling for you to get across the equator. I tried counting my steps the other day and realized just how much it takes for you to row. Cheers, we are thinking of you in this part of Virginia. Abigail

  • when i click the links for atolls or islands the pop out pictures are broken . is this on my end or yours ? it happens with both alternative browsers and IE8 . thanks

  • Just an administrative update to say that we won’t be having commenting on the RozTracker page (or other non-blog pages). Sorry for the few of you who’ve already posted comments there. We’d like to keep the comments on Roz’s blogs instead so they can address the topics of the day, while also ensuring that the RozTracker page loads as quickly as possible. Thanks!

  • Hey Roz,

    I just read about your decision. And it ist right to change course. Being a sailor myself, I know that it is not appropriate to act “proud” at sea. The Pacific is no duck pond. Your decision is reasonable.
    Keep on going – And like yesterday…. here is an HUUUGE pack of good vibes.

    Bye from Hamburg, GE


  • Not sure where to leave this comment.
    Just read the piece in CNN.com; I have a serious issue with shedding the trappings of your life when it includes a human, your husband. My wife has also changed her life’s course and has shed me. It’s a pretty awful experience to be shed; discarded like any other object in our lives that we no longer want. I feel like a piece of plastic caught in the Pacific vortex. I hope your example doesn’t create an additional waste stream; one of discarded significant others. Fair winds…

  • Agree with The Husband. As amazing as Roz is to find herself, I don’t see why “shedding a husband” is something to be praised for. There is no information of this husband and why she left him. Everything about her story sounds great, expect this one aspect. “Shedding a husband” like shedding hair sounds pretty awful and selfish. I wish it wouldn’t be referred to like that.

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