Following on from Saturday’s good news that I have been appointed an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, I’d like to make the most of this chance to say an enormous thank you to the (literally) thousands of people who have supported me in my endeavours since I first cast myself upon the world’s oceans back in 2005. There is no way I could have done what I’ve done without you. I am forever indebted to your kindness, encouragement, generosity, thoughtfulness, time, energy – and yes, sometimes your hard-earned money too.

Rowan “Mr Bean” Atkinson got a CBE, while his sidekick Baldrick (aka Tony Robinson) trumped him with a knighthood

I sometimes feel like a bit of a fraud calling myself a “solo” rower. Sure, when I’m out on the water, with a satellite phone my only connection to dry land, I do feel very alone. But in truth, I am the tip of a very big iceberg, the visible bit of a huge human endeavour that encompasses everybody who has helped to get me out there, and who motivates me along my way, and who celebrates with me when/after I arrive.

For this I thank you.

An acquaintance of mine, a recipient of the OBE (higher than an MBE), rather cynically (or self-deprecatingly) described it as an acronym for “Other Buggers’ Efforts”. Maybe MBE should stand for “Mostly Because of Everybody”. Or “Much Brave Encouragement”. Or “My Beautiful Entourage”.

Or do you have any better suggestions?! 🙂

[Featured image: Buckingham Palace, here I come! Date TBD.]


  • It’s been a privilege, Roz (MBE), to have helped you in some small way in your worthwhile endeavours. What do you need us to do next?

    • Thank you, John. For now, it will be enough to buy my next book :-). But stand by – there is a lot of reading and thinking going on here, the outcome of which will be announced in the fullness of time.

  • Aloha Roz . . . It has definitely been a privilege and honor to have supported you however I managed to do. Seriously you did most of the work . . . all those oar strokes, the worn out gloves, and the sheer will it must take to get through the long periods alone at sea.

    Echoing John Kay . . . “what do you need us to do next?”

    P.s. I still have the stainless steel straw you gave me at SFO

    • Cynthia and Roz. The stainless steel straw has a permanent home in my car … I refuse the straw and explain why every opportunity … Thanks 😉

      • Hurrah for Doug!!

        (And thanks to Dianna Cohen from Plastic Pollution Coalition for giving me the stainless steel straws in the first place!)

    • Good for you, Cynthia!

      I don’t have a specific call to action right now. I am working on ideas around reducing consumerism, i.e. excessive consumption, as a prerequisite if we are to achieve a sustainable future. But I still have a lot more research to do. But stay tuned.
      For now I’m flat out preparing for the publication of my next book in October. This one has a stronger eco component than the Atlantic book, while still having plenty of adventure and (hopefully) inspiration. Early feedback is good, and I’m excited about it!

  • Congratulations Roz! Like the Hubble telescope… The more you focus on your objective, the more focused your input/output becomes. Reach for the stars, kiddo; your efforts are amazing!

  • Kindly words Roz…but without your grit, determination, inner and outer strength, tenacity, charm, charisma, wit, intelligence and vision, none of your goals would reached , however much support you get.
    So, Thank YOU Roz!

  • Glad to be part of the iceberg, but it’s the top part that does the work. Your stamina in all ways is the reason you succeed and a large part of the reason, we supporters feel good about supporting you. Your dream has become our dream, or at least you effort to reach yours has helped us focus our efforts so we might better achieve our dreams.

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