Sunday August 15th.

Urgent message from Roz to me this Sunday morning via satellite. Her computer has broken.

Roz is a great lover of technology, but when it fails – especially like this – she is very frustrated. It could not have come at a worse time, in the midst of planning her USA speaking tour, and shortly before boarding the container ship to travel from Hong Kong to Long Beach, California.

Obviously Roz has no idea when she will be able to be back on line again. As far as the USA tour is concerned, please do send any queries or messages to me – they do reach me via this website.

Roz had already asked me to prepare a blog with details of upcoming events during her tour, and I will be dealing with that in a few days’ time – just waiting for some final details.

Please keep watching – there may be an event near to where you are that you might like to attend. Roz will be starting in California, flying east to North Carolina, then Atlanta, Dallas, Washington DC. Then comes the Climate Ride in California, followed by San Francisco area, Vancouver, San Diego, Minneapolis and New York.

Greetings from Rita, her mother, trying to be a go-between once again!


  • Hi Rita,
    Rotten luck for Roz. Tell her I said to buy the low end iPad. Once again always and forever you have her back. She is one lucky lady to have you in her life!

    Good Luck. This too shall pass.

    LemonLadies Orchard

  • Hello Rita;

    It’s a problem specific to laptops. Constant opening and closing stresses the ribbon between the body and screen. The only answer is frequent backups and always knowing the whereabouts of the nearest repair or replacement source. It’s a shame Roz can’t carry a spare, although if she’s using Carbonite she could be able to get a replacement functioning very quickly.

    Of course, the only really reliable backup is……you, Rita!



  • Container ship from Hong Kong to Long Beach?! WOW … that sounds like another rough ocean voyage — just minus the rowing! Thanks for keeping us posted, Rita. You da best.

    Naomi in NY

  • I had not heard whether it was the hard drive or another mechanical problem. If not the hard drive, a new laptop and an external 2.5″ HDD enclosure (such as a NexStar SX) will let her inexpensively ($20 US)recover all of her files. Glad you are there to help Rita.

    John H

  • To John H – it seems to me from one of Roz’s Tweets, and John K’s comment, that it is the screen that is the problem – or the connection to the screen.
    I feel so lost not being in touch with Roz except through brief texts. Still a number of questions about her USA speaking tour need to be answered. I hope to be able to publish some details soon.
    Rita in the UK.

  • As long as the laptop has file sharing set up, if the screen dies permanently, you can connect into it from another PC and copy the stuff you need off it. Its also a great idea to have as much stuff as possible synchronised onto the internet somewhere. I run Ubuntu linux, and almost all my stuff now resides in Ubuntu One, or Google, eg Docs, Photos etc, up on the internet. If my PCs all died, I would not be very concerned.

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