Oahu, Hawai’i

The last time I’d seen Mariya was in 2003, and we were on top of a mountain in Peru – a mountain called Pisco. Pisco is also the name of the Peruvian national drink. (See picture left – on the summit, note the ice in my hair.) This time we were a bit warmer, sitting on a beach in Hawai’i, drinking Sunset beers on Sunset Beach, at sunset. There seems to be a certain theme emerging.

After a weekend’s hard work schmoozing at the Maui Writers’ Conference and a morning discussing logistics and media at the Waikiki Yacht Club I felt like I deserved some time off, so we took the afternoon to go snorkelling on the North Shore and buy a picnic to go along with our sundowners.

I may not have the chance to revisit Hawaii before I arrive there after rowing 2600 miles from San Francisco. I’m already looking forward to being there again. Maybe it will lend a sense of urgency to my paddling to know what a paradise I’m heading for.

Mariya on Sunset Beach, 2006

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