A brand new online store has just gone live, created for me by eBay to sell environmentally-conscious merchandise online. Please go and check it out and feel free to buy as much as you like! More product lines will be coming in the future, and I’d be interested to hear what goods you would like to see on there.

I’d also like to point out that under eBay’s GiftMatch benefit, any purchases will be matched in value by eBay up to a certain limit. So how’s that for great value: eco-friendly goodies, plus a clear conscience, plus a double-whammy donation to my cause – great bang for the buck!

Huge thanks to Carina Riordan for all her hard work. She and I met when I spoke at eBay’s San Jose office on April 13, and she has managed to pull this all together in impressive time. I am even more impressed that she holds down a full time job, looks after the kids, and still finds time to stay fit AND create online stores for random ocean rowers. I know a lot of the work was done in the evenings and on weekends, and for that I thank Carina – and her family.

She sent me this lovely story about our first ever sale:

“Our first store customer lives in Los Altos (and just about 2.5 miles away from our house). He bought an eco-friendly shopping bag yesterday at around 6:30 am (because he saw your Twitter about your eBay store). I delivered his shopping bag at around 4:35 pm yesterday by “jogging/fast walking” and he was impressed on how fast he got it. I only jogged one way (and fast walked on the way home) but I also swam 50 laps before delivering the package. I took about 11,100 steps according to the Cosmic Solar Pedometer. I offered “worldwide” shipping and it was just my luck that our first customer was only a few miles away so I saved about $5 in shipping cost and also did my part in saving the planet :-)”

We can’t promise everybody this level of personal service, but it’s so good to know that the store was created by someone who really believes in the cause, and who would go the extra mile – literally! I am constantly touched and humbled by the incredible generosity of everybody in the extended Team Roz. There’s a good vibe and energy around what we’re doing, and it seems to be contagious. I’m a very lucky girl….

[picture: our t-shirt design, created exclusively for the store by Dave Iddon and Barny Farmer]


  • Hey I recognise that cartoon 🙂

    I am getting nervous for you girl but remember we are all pulling for you…I will be watching each pull on that oar, good luck…no great luck and remember how proud we all are of you

  • Hi Roz

    looked into buying a Savage pedometer partly because they are orange. Shipping was $41 to NZ so have decided not to. High postage price is probably a good thing as I should try an find a used one here without extra air miles on it (unless Carina wants to personally deliver to Dunedin , NZ). Won’t benefit your fundrasing but will help the planet.

  • Hi Sinead – hmmm, thanks for pointing out that potential issue. Not quite sure what I can do about it. Excellent idea to try and find a used one.

    Another option would be to put in a bulk order for 10 and sell the others to your friends or through eBay locally!

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