Finding myself in the Maritime Museum in Brisbane

I arrived back in Australia a few days ago, flying into Brisbane. Even though everybody there is still reeling from the double whammy of horrific floods followed by a cyclone, I was able to have a few useful meetings, including an all-important taste test of the rawfood crackers that are being prepared by ROAR Foods for the Indian Ocean crossing. There was also time for an interview with the Sunday Mail, and a surprise encounter with myself in the Maritime Museum. Many thanks to John Gardiner, David Tangye, and all who made us so welcome in Brizzie.

Now I’m back in Western Australia for a few days to check on progress in Fremantle (thanks to Janet for the use of her house for these few days). Yesterday June and I went to the Annexe of the Royal Perth Yacht Club, which will be my push-off point in about 7 weeks from now. A large pile of goodies had accumulated during my absence, so much fun was had opening parcels from Kakadu Golf Gloves and DaKine, as well as packages containing various technological bits and bobs from my trusty helpers in California, Ian Tuller and Jay Gosuico.

Sedna stripped of all her hatch covers, seat runners, etc.

Tomorrow I will see Sedna (formerly Brocade) for the first time since she went into surgery at Ben Punch’s boatyard. He has been sending me regular updates. There are various waggish jokes about boats and expenses, e.g. that “BOAT” stands for Bring Out Another Thousand, or that a boat is a hole in the water into which you throw money – and rowboats are no exception. Although Ben’s updates have been much appreciated, it seems they invariably include the discovery of some problem, and a resulting increase in costs. Ben is well aware of my tight budget, and is keeping the cost as low as possible, but even so I am now looking at a considerable shortfall.

Delamination on a solar panel. Two panels are affected.

I recently came across Hofstadter’s Law: “It always takes longer that you think it will, even when you take Hofstadter’s Law into account”. I’m sure that Mr Hofstadter would have had something similar to say on the subject of financial outgoings too.

Other Stuff:

If you’d like to sponsor a mile (or more) of my Indian Ocean row, it’s a bargain at a mere $10. I’ll be setting up a page on this website soon to track which miles have been sponsored, but for now it’s pretty wide open. To sponsor a mile, donate using the PayPal button on the right, and send me an email via the Contact form to let me know which mile(s) you would like to sponsor. Most numbers between 8 and 5,000 are currently available. On the day that I row your mile, I will give you a special mention and a thank you on my blog.

It’s your way to own a bit of my journey, and to send a bit of inspiration my way. Thank you!!


  • For now, miles 9, 25 and 2010 for me, please. That’s the date I had the pleasure of meeting you on your Climate Ride stop at the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Anke Altermann

  • I’ve always wondered what it would be like to encounter myself unexpectedly (a bit like Alice in Wonderland?!)
    I think I’ll sponser some miles down the Swan River as I might get sea sick once you’re out on the open sea!

  • There is an independent company in fremantle called Austral sun that do solar panels, you could try them? They are a short walk from the centre of town

  • Roz you are an inspiration. I had dinner with you at a friends house in Menlo Park before you left San Francisco. Keep going!

  • Roz, I heard you on the ABC Late Night Live on Thurs. Feb 17th. It was a brillian interview. I got the impression with the fire alarms and all that you were in Sydney on 17 Feb. If you are in Sydney, do you have any speaking engagements planned that are for the public? Please post on your website or blog. thank you, Robert

  • Thanks for the comments from the folks who heard me on ABC. Welcome to my website!

    Sallym and Romola – I need a very specific kind of solar panel – semi-flexible ones. The Austral Sun ones are rigid (for houses) and the ones on my website are completely flexible (less efficient). But thanks for the suggestions!

    I had a really good conversation with the manufacturers of my existing panels, based in Germany, last week. It’s looking hopeful they may sponsor a new set of panels. Fingers crossed!

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