Tampa, Florida

I’ve just received this photo of Sedna in her new temporary home at the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa.

As far as I can tell from this and some other pictures, she doesn’t seem to have suffered too much damage in transit, despite an ill-fitting trailer. I will need to get a replacement trailer before I set out on 1st April to drive her 3000 miles from Florida to San Francisco.

Chances are that she will need an entirely new electrical system, but this will give me a good excuse to implement some exciting new technology. There is lots of activity going on at the moment around ‘Project WatchKeeper’ – by which I hope to send back a wealth of data to my website while I am out on the Pacific, covering weather, navigation, and environmental parameters, as well as information about how I’m coping physically and psychologically. If it all works out, it will be really coooolllll!

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