I learned a lot on the Atlantic about how NOT to row an ocean. I finished safely and successfully, but psychologically I gave myself a much tougher time than I needed to. I’ve learned the lessons and I want to put them to the test.
Roz Savage

In 2008 Roz Savage embarked on a voyage to become the first woman to row solo across the Pacific Ocean. Roz hopes her record-breaking attempt will highlight the vital importance of marine conservation and the scale of the crisis facing the world’s oceans.

While at sea, Roz will use state-of-the-art technology to transmit video blogs and podcasts from her boat to shore, informing and enlightening everyone from school kids to seniors about the world’s oceans.

Since the before the Atlantic row, I’d always intended to row the Pacific Ocean,” explains Roz. “I believe that if you don’t keep pushing the boundaries, your comfort zone will become smaller and smaller until you’re effectively shrink-wrapped; you can’t achieve anything, you can’t grow. So I keep on pushing, keep on developing, adapting and showing what an ordinary person can do when they put their heart, mind and soul into it.

Roz’s Pacific crossing will happen in three stages, beginning in Summer 2008:

  • Stage 1, 2008: San Francisco to Hawaii. 2,324 statute miles, course 247 degrees. (Completed)
  • Stage 2, 2009: Hawaii to Tuvalu. 2,620 statute miles, course 224 degrees.
  • Stage 3, 2010: Tuvalu to Australia. 2,324 statute miles, course 252 degrees.


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