UPDATE: September 2, 2009, 9:43am HST
Roz has re-enabled GPS tracking in the RozTracker.
All data that was hidden for the past few days is now available.

August 30, 3009, 12:03pm HST:

For those of you who have been closely monitoring the RozTracker, you will see that Roz’s position has not updated for almost a day now. Per Roz’s request, we have turned off position updates. In Roz’s own words from her Tweet, “going offline for a few days. to be alone. back sept. 2, tarawa time!” We are still collecting all the GPS data every hour and will update the tracker on September 2, when Roz directs us to do so.

As you have seen in the past two days, Nicole has been writing the blogs. These will appear on the RozTracker at Roz’s last position (August 29th at 12:03pm HST).  You can of course see them in the journal as well, since the points will all start to cover each other until GPS positions are turned on again.

If you’d like, you can follow Nicole on her very own EpicTracker as she heads to Tarawa to meet Roz. She’s accompanied by Hunter and Conrad. You can also follow EpicTracker on Twitter to see how their trip to Tarawa is going. Enjoy!


  • I understand Roz wanting a couple of days to herself, but I don’t understand turning off the tracker updates. She certainly has the right to do it, but I find it frustrating. We’re all wrapped up in the adventure that she’s so kind to share with us, and we’re all cheering her on, why wouldn’t she let us see her progress? How would it change her experience either way? I’ve been a Roz fan since before the first Pacific attempt, and I always will be, but this feels like a bit of a snub. I’m disappointed that Roz decided to do this, especially now with so few days remaining in the adventure. Sorry, just an honest opinion. 🙁

  • Marv, this is NOT a critique, but have you ever experienced a severe conflict inside your trinity (mind, body, soul)? A situation where all external and internal contributors create serious emotional stress? If you have ever been in such a predicament, is it not a more propitious option to disconnect from obligations and bring your trinity back in full harmony, to reconstitute yourself? When everything about a person seems to be in total conflict – a serious bummer of a day – I have usually found it best to disconnect (isolate myself within myself) resolve the inner conflict, then jump back into the mainstream of life with a confident smile upon my face. Best to accept and forgive, than to criticize, no?

    Besides which, perhaps she turned the tracker off so that it would not keep constantly reminding her of where she is, or is not, to let her experience some tranquility and do what she set out to do. 😉 Without external conflict?

  • I agree with Marv H. I love to follow Roz and have done so for many years. Please Roz turn on the tracker. Not knowing where you are is terrible.
    Best wishes from Denmark.

  • Unca Doug – kind of you to hope that I will be arriving in Tarawa – sadly this is not to be. I was there in Antigua in 2006, and Honolulu in 2008, but not this time. Following my two recent hip operations, I could not possibly sit for hours on end on a plane. It would be a long journey from the UK to the other side of the world.
    Kim, Don’t worry too much about the tracker being turned off – it won’t be long before it is on again, and meanwhile she can just drift peacefully in the right direction. Roz is having a little holiday, but not in the most luxurious resort in the world!

  • When I was a child, I used to love Jordan almonds, those roasted almonds covered in multi-colored candy. My friends and I (remember, this was at age 7 or 8 or something) would ascribe “superpowers” to the various colors. So, for example, a “red” Jordan almond gave you the ability to fly, and “blue” gave you super-strength, and “green” gave you the ability to see into the future, etc. If I remember correctly, “white” was the color we gave to “invisibility”, and if you ate a white Jordan almond you could make yourself invisible. And that is what I figure has happened here. Roz has eaten one of the white Jordan almonds, and she’s made herself invisible. Actually, I’m proud of her, because none of those Jordan almonds really worked well for me, in giving me superpowers. Although I think that “once”, with one of the green ones (ability to see in the future), I correctly foresaw that I would have a stomach ache from eating too many Jordan almonds. But I digress. Whatever makes Roz happy, makes me happy. If she wants to be “invisible”, go for it! 🙂

  • Dear Roz, Thank you so much for the unexpected tweets! It’s comforting to know you are still out there, bobbing along, maybe rowing in a leisurely way to give TeamRoz time to catch up to you for your much-anticipated arrival on Tarawa, despite your “invisibility” for a few days! Congratulations on becoming a double shellback–I think that’s worth something!! Grinding through my sometimes-challenging workdays, watching the Southern California fires burning through the mountains and breathing nasty air, I often think of you, breathing undoubtedly better air and surrounded by enough water to put out any forest fire, with a little bit of envy. But the watery fantasy gets me through the smoky day and I fantasize that taking better care of the environment might help us to learn some lessons about building homes in vulnerable and dangerous places in the wilderness that then cost time and person-power and sometimes lives to defend from fire . . . Keep on rowing, Roz, you totally rock!

  • It seems that Roz still tweets. Only her location is unstated. Hmm.

    Admit it. You’re all thinking it… Maybe Roz has turned off the tracker so that she can fire up the secret outboard motor and detour to Tuvalu!

    I’ve long suspected she had some unstated business there: The whole “poster child for rising sea level” story never did ring true to me. (All of the atoll nations are in trouble, more or less equally.)

    Do we know for sure Johnny Depp *isn’t* in Tuvalu? 😉

  • With all due respect to all……… this is Roz’s adventure and hers alone. We are all just passive observers. It becomes ours only when and if she decides to share. We are all only out there with her vicariously; she’s the one there real time. She gets to call the shots please.

    We should be both happy and satisfied that she is letting us look in as much as she does.

  • Whilst she’s doing well, this trip is hardly in the same league as John Ridgeway or others who rowed unsupported, without electronics, “on shore” weathermen and other advisors. Watermaker broken? Damn, no more cocktails…..what’s wrong with collecting rainwater in a canvas?

  • RE: John Monroe’s Comment
    With respect to you, John. There is a reason Roz is doing this – actually many reasons. But, one of those reasons is to raise environmental issue awareness. If it was only for her… then why tell anyone about it? Therefore it is *not* just her adventure. Everybody that has given her financial support, listened to her concerns, and invested emotionally in her trip has an interest.

    Of course she can unplug when she needs to, but the goal of raising awareness requires sharing experiences.

    I have no issue with Roz’s decisions – but I take exception with John’s “we’re lucky for what we have and how dare you for being concerned” comment.

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