Roz has now rowed over 2,000 miles since leaving Honolulu in May. Wow! Go Roz!!!


  • Roz, great new look. Good work Evan!

    RozTracker shows 2027.4 miles logged and 1700.6 miles from Honolulu … you are tenacious the past few days, but the “backward progress” and rowing in proverbial circles, zig zags, and linked fishing hook patters account for the 327 mile discrepancy. You get extra credit for the extra miles, which, if it weren’t for the wandering around, you might not have seen the shark and the whales … those miles gave you the icing on the cake, so to speak! Don’t wonder why you wander, just wander wisely, Roz.

  • Great progress Roz! You inspired me to read about Capt William Bligh, who navigated the South Pacific in a 23 foot boat 1789 and made it to Australia from Tonga by determination and persistance. Afraid he did eat any boobies who called. John

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