Whitefish, Montana

Did you know that the average American watches 2 hours of TV a day? If they went out for a bike ride instead, they would lose 10 pounds in a month.

This is one of the blip-facts available on the website of a fellow adventurer who is pushing the boundaries. Greg Kolodziejzyk is preparing for his 2008 bid to cross the Atlantic ocean in less than 40 days, which would be a new world record for the fastest human powered Atlantic crossing. He is using his project as a platform to show children what the human body is capable of and inspire them to get out and get physical.

Greg is looking for support for his venture – you can join the PedalTheOcean team and be part of a history making human powered world record. The “Across With Greg” sponsorships start at only $30 and include your name on the expedition boat. $100 packages include your name on the boat, your choice of a wide selection of our “human power” line of branded products, and 10% donation to KidPower, which is is a national education program focused on developing young children into healthy, active and positive people.

I should declare a vested interest in supporting Greg in his endeavours – I owe him a debt of gratitude. I had planned to visit him and his wife in Calgary and take a look at his boat (although the word ‘boat’ hardly seems adequate to describe such a futuristic craft), but unfortunately visa issues forced me to cancel my trip.

So as a consolation, Greg offered to let me stay in their ski lodge in Whitefish, Montana, for a few days. I arrived yesterday in this beautiful part of the world, after a stunningly scenic drive from Mount Rainier in Washington, where I had spent the weekend clambering around with some friends. I am now comfortably ensconced in the lodge, high up on Big Mountain. It will be a real treat to spend more than one night in one place so I can focus on some increasingly pressing tasks connected with the Pacific documentary – of which more news soon.

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