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Me and my big mouth. If you read yesterday’s blog, you’ll know that last night I signed up to run a marathon with UltraMarathon Man Dean Karzanes – a rash move inspired by a fit of guilt after a particularly over-indulgent weekend in the Napa Valley. When I woke up this morning and remembered what I’d done, there was an odd mix of emotions.

It was a kind of giggly feeling – a combination of ‘Waaaah, what was I thinking of?!’ plus a sense of anticipation and excitement, that powerful sense of urgent purpose that I’ve been missing since I finished the Atlantic row. I felt like a kid waking up and realising it’s their birthday.

Even if I had been thinking about wimping out, as soon as I logged on to my email I discovered that was no longer an option. There was a message, via my website, from the UltraMarathon Man himself.

“I am delighted and honored that Roz will be running a marathon with me in New Jersey. As a big fan of hers, I can hardly contain my excitement! Roz is a true inspiration and hero of mine, and I am hopeful that you can pass this message along to her from me.”

Who me?!

My response…

“Dear Dean

No way! YOU are a huge inspiration and hero to ME!

I was given a copy of your book at the Timex stand at the Outdoor Retailer show just over a week ago. I couldn’t put it down. Since the Atlantic row I’ve really struggled to find my motivation – seemed I’d used up all my willpower and determination for 2006 out there on the ocean. But your book gave me the impetus I needed to get going again.

I am in your part of the world at the moment – I am temporarily based in Woodside, about 25 miles south of San Francisco. I just chose the New Jersey run because:

a) it is marginally more likely that I will be in that area (briefly) at the start of November, and

b) because I need as much time as I can get to prepare, having lost a frightening amount of fitness since arriving in Antigua, and

c) I reckoned that it might be one of your slower races, before your final flourish in New York, so I might have a chance of keeping up with you!

Good luck with your final preparations for the Endurance 50. Respect!

So that’s it. Even if I wanted to, there’s no backing out now. For better or worse (probably worse) I’m headed for New Jersey…


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