I’d like to say a huge thank you to everybody who came to hear me speak in Seattle over the last couple of days, and the teams from National Geographic and Benaroya Hall who made it all possible. Thanks, guys, for creating the setting for me to shine. In a way I had the easy bit – all I had to do was turn up and talk for an hour.

Judging by the feedback afterwards – in person at the book signings, on Facebook, and through messages via my website contact form, it seems that the presentations went down really well. So it was well worth the extra effort I put in. I was a bit nervous about the new format – I am accustomed to doing video-talk-video-talk, and this time I had been requested to go for more of a slideshow approach. This exercised a new part of my brain. But my rehearsals paid off and I felt very comfortable onstage, even in front of an audience of 2,500 people.

And the best news is that 1,200 people signed up to our Eco Heroes initiative via our very cool new SMS registration system. Thanks to Brennan for putting in the hours to get that up and running in time. I don’t have time to tell you more about Eco Heroes now, but I promise I will do so in my next blog. But if you want a sneak preview, take a look at our pretty pre-registration page at the Eco Heroes website.

Here are a few photos that Dan Beaupre took at Benaroya Hall last night. Enjoy!

Next stop – TED Mission Blue in the Galapagos in a couple of weeks…..


  • Thats sweet! I was there and I loved the presentation! I came there with my class, and I didn’t know about you before, but now you are my hero! Keep up the great work! I’ll be checking you blog every day.
    By the way how do you get to be one of those eco-heroes? It sounds awesome!

  • I was there at your presentation yesterday, from one of the schools, although I can’t compare anything of my own to you, I want you to know that I will be checking up on your blog almost everyday and that you are a real idol to me. ~:)

  • Roz, are you going to claim that you haven’t been posting on your own blog as “other” people? We’ve been looking at ISP records, and don’t your “fans” deserve the truth?

  • Roz, you know who I am by my email address, but at the same time I am every Rozling who has defended you before. Please forgive my stepping in anonymously to express my unabashed support and devotion because I just want everybody (especially the previous poster) to know the following: Roz has the ability to delete, remove, trash, expunge, eradicate — choose your favorite synonym for obliterate — any post she desires with a single click of the mouse. Roz’s leaving an unsubstantiated claim or a negative remark is, for her, “free speech” and, as I see it, a way to let the fraudulent detractor’s puny character speak for itself. This should be self-evident to an intelligent person (sorry if my anger is showing). Roz, you are one-in-a-million, and should a hate monger want to expose their naivetΓ©, we supporters will think nothing of him or her. We read fraudulent remarks with a knowledge of how small and irrelevant that person is. We love you, Roz! Please don’t reply to the post above, you don’t deserve having to deal with such trash, nor do you need such distractions at this time. Move on to Galapagos, Tarawa, Cairns, Thursday Island, and elsewhere … unless, of course, you elect to respond … who am I to tell you? πŸ™‚

  • ISP Detective – I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about! I wouldn’t actually know how to post as somebody else! My technical abilities do not extend that far. And I don’t know why on earth I would want to do so anyway!

    I suggest you check your facts before you start casting aspersions on a person’s character. I can absolutely promise you that I have never pretended to be anybody other than myself!

  • Re: ISP Detective. I am not sure what your are actually saying but it doesn’t make technological sense. Third parties are unable to look at “ISP Records” unless you work for the hosting company which hosts her site- in which you are breaking major customer privacy laws- or you hacked into her site- both of which are major criminal offenses. But, that is all irrelevant, because the point you are making is nonsense. Why would Roz be “posting as other people” to make it look like she has more blog readers or more people think she is awesome? Well, I got news for ya- she is awesome and has video footage to prove it. Who are you other than a lonely internet troll with too much time hiding behind a fake alias as you spam someones blog with a silly comment. I just spent the last three days around Roz working and she is far too busy to post as other people on her blog.

  • High five, UncaDoug. On to the positive. Roz! Wow! What a crowd! I’m so glad you got photos of that to post. That is super cool, and I’m glad so many new people got to hear your message and get that surge of positive influence. Wish I could have been there. (Can’t get the eco-heroes site to load for some reason this morning. Will try again later. Is it eco-heroes.me ?)

  • Well said UncaDoug! (I’m laughing now at that Secret Supporter thing!)

    Roz, we know you are amazing, just keep on doing what you do best. Success always seems to bring the naysayers and trolls out of the woodwork.

    Congratulations on your National Geographic talk and best of luck with TED.

    Much love from another Rozling and ‘fan’.

  • I have worked with Roz Savage both professionally and as a friend, and have found her to be totally open and honest. If “ISP Detective” has some information, however obtained, that puports to show anything different then he or she should first show it to Roz to allow her to respond. He (or she) clearly has the expertise to communicate with her directly.

  • I was with Roz when she saw that email which is so bogus. Roz was noticeably bothered by it and I don’t think that would have been the reaction if she were guilty as charged. I can’t imagine why anyone would accuse Roz of anything other then accusing her of doing great things and helping us all become better stewards of our earth!
    Keep up the wonderful work and all of us “Roslings” will continue to support you as we always have.

  • I saw your presentation with a group of friends and thoroughly enjoyed it. You are a wonderful presenter, your humor, light heartedness and easy way really shined through. The rowing adventures you’ve completed and are working on doing are most amazing. You are a true inspiration and amazing person.

  • My suggestion, Roz — delete the trolls before they have time to do damage by their inane inuendo <–wow, lots of vowels there!. Don't even muck up your blog w/ boobs (you'll have enough booby birds to deal with on your row to the land of Oz)!

    Congrats on a very successful presentation for NatGeo, and I'm glad you got into a smoothe groove using the slide-show format. Will it ever be on video? Hey, did you ever find accommodations in Ecuador for the time before you embark on your Galapagos trip/TED talk?

    Naomi in NY

  • Oops, sorry about the incorrect URL. It should have been http://ecoheroes.me, as Robin pointed out. My bad!

    Jerry – I know I shouldn’t feed the trolls, but it’s so difficult not to when I feel my good name is being besmirched. I was most indignant, and not a little amused, by the accusation. As Brennan said, just being ME takes 24 hours a day – I certainly don’t have the time to be anybody else!

    I would have been interested to know, though, just which of my trusty Rozlings he/she thought was me pretending to be you. Doug? Joan? Naomi? You are all so distinctively you that I can’t imagine who else you could be!

  • Hey Roz, weren’t you engaged when you were living in the SF bay area? What happened? Does that mean you are available now?! πŸ™‚

  • Hey, I want to throw my hat into the ring! I’m a self-made single professional guy, in-shape, with a large empty house. I saw your presentation when you were in town (Seattle).

  • Hello, Kai, great to hear from you…. but I’d like to point out that I’m about to set out to spend 100+ days alone at sea. And when I’m on dry land I’m never in one place for more than a few days.

    What might this imply about my need for a relationship?!

    (or maybe I should be asking for photos and resumes before I make this kind of brush-off comment!)

  • Hi Roz,

    Are you still going to row to Australia? I was checking the wind and current patterns and it looks impossible. What’s your route going to be? I study ocean currents at University of Washington, it doesn’t seem you can make it at any time of year. I’m curious.

  • Hey Walter and Kai, give us girls a chance! πŸ˜‰ Are you in Canada now? For how long?? I live in Vancouver…

  • Patty – feel I may need to organize a Vancouver brunch for a few folks to get together. I’ll be coming from Comox on Vancouver Island that morning. Any suggestions for a 2pm-ish gathering in Van?

  • We should all meet at The Fountainhead Pub 1025 Davie St. in Vancouver. They have terrific brunch! Any other Van Rozlings interested?

  • Roz,

    I just wanted to say good luck on your upcoming leg of your journey and thanks for coming to Seattle! I along with a few friends came on Tuesday and we are feeling some of the same things as you did before making your big change in your life. We might be headed in different directions but we see the need to get past paper pushing jobs and doing something more meanful! Thank you for putting a new spin in our heads and keep that message going.

  • Hey Roz, I just saw the video on plastic pollution you posted on your tweet and it’s great,
    http://5gyres.org/posts/2010/03/24/the_story_of_stuff_bottled_water I’ve attached it to an email and sent it to everyone in my company. I’m also sending it out to everyone on my email list tonight. I may not convert all of them but I do have them talking. Thanks for sending out the ammunition. I’d suggest others do the same spreading the word one stroke (email) at a time!

  • Yes, Roz … by all means request those photos and resumes … you never know from whence that love of your life may arrive, eh?!

    Btw, in response to your asking how I’m doing preparing for that walk across England … I felt I needed to move it back a year; I’m just not going to be as fit as I want and need to be to do the walk well and to do it with real vigor and enthusiasm. But I’m halfway as fit as I’d like … so I have made progress. You mentioned your sister doing that famous walk in Spain; I’d considered that one before I settled on Wainright’s C2C, but the variety of topography across three of England’s best national parks won out over the Spanish one for me. Who knows, once I accomplish the C2C in England, maybe then I’ll do that one next. (It works for you! You do one ocean and then another, right?! CRAZY woman!) πŸ™‚

  • Dear Roz;
    If memory serves, the safety straps for your bunk were tied to the truck nets. Because the waters of the South Pacific are expected to be especially rough may I suggest that the straps be bolted securely to the deck? I have visions of your boat rolling violently for maybe hours at a time and you inside unable to stop yourself from rattling around. In fact it might be worth thinking about a helmet of some sort, purely as a precaution of course.
    There are helmets that might be suitable at http://www.amazon.com/Bell-88381013-Helmets-Matte-Primer/dp/B001G8W6DE
    I worry about your safety!

  • RunnerDuck – great job. Thanks for spreading the word!

    Naomi – thanks for the update. Sounds sensible. It will still be there next year! And yes, it could be a slippery slope….!

    John – thanks for your concern, but your memory dis-serves in this particular instance. The straps are VERY securely bolted through the floor of the cabin. And I already have a helmet, courtesy of Dr Aenor.

    I don’t expect the waters to be especially rough – the winds should be no more than about 15 knots – but unfortunately the winds will be coming from the wrong direction, and there’s nothing I can do about that!

  • Patty – can we meet on Tuesday evening instead?

    I have the chance to see Greg K’s boat WiTHiN (see http://adventuresofgreg.com) in Ucluelet on Monday so am going to stay a little longer on Vancouver Island.

    Looks like we might have quite a little gathering, so somewhere cheap, cheerful, with good food and good ambience would be perfect!

  • Roz; Thanks for that. Much relief. Question: Are you able to give us the text of your National Geographic show? I’m sure it would benefit your cause.

  • Roz, you tweeted: “Adventurers’ lunch: Greg K, Colin & Julie Angus, and me. Greg here for sea trials. Adventuresofgreg.com (@ Ukee Dogs Eatery)”
    I didn’t know that UncaDoug had a restaurant in Ucluelet πŸ˜‰
    Sounds like you’re having a pretty good time there. I’ve always liked Ucluelet. I hope you are getting some really good information from your fellow adventurers!

  • Dear Roz,I went to the National Geographiclive at Benaroya Hall when you came.It was very good. I just wanted to say good luck and be as careful as yopu can!

  • Hey I saw your thing at the national geographic showing with my class. You are awesome. I’ll be checking your blog every day. By the way, how are you going to get to Australia? The wind and current in heading way off coarse. And I really want to know how to become an eco hero! Sounds awesome!!!!

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