Woodside, CA

The National Environmental Trust is currently featuring me and my east coast adventuresome counterpart, Margo Pellegrino – see Margo sets off on May 7 on her outrigger journey from Miami to Maine in a bid to inspire others to take an active role in the stewardship of our oceans. See her website – – for more details.

You may also notice that Margo’s website bears a passing resemblance to mine – we now share the same webmaster, Tim Harincar at Sailblogs, since I passed on the recommendation. It can sometimes feel like a solitary path, getting ready for a big expedition, so it’s been fun to compare notes with Margo as we both prepare for our respective launches.

(But enough of that now, Tim – I need you back working on MY site now!!)

Good luck Margo – you go girl!!

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