Had a very productive time at the Boat Show and Adventure Show down in London last week, schmoozed lots of sponsors, had lots of interesting conversations, ate and drank all the wrong things. No money forthcoming just yet, but lots of promising-looking leads.

Going back to the food/drink issue, it’s very frustrating – I had a good month of being virtuous here in Leeds, eating healthily, not drinking, and training like a woman possessed. And how much weight did I lose? Not one single sodding pound.

On the flip side, while I was in London eating all the wrong things (although I did somehow manage to cram in my training around my other commitments), I didn’t gain any weight. Maybe all that talking burned off the excess calories.

I’d like to think I’m converting fat to muscle, but no. I had a quick fat test at the Fitness Exchange, and I was exactly the same as I was two months ago. Time for more drastic measures, methinks. My sports science guys assure me that I should be able to lose weight on 2000 calories a day, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

I wouldn’t mind so much if my new healthy regime was resulting in limitless energy and a radiant complexion. But no – I look/feel no better or worse (although less frequently hungover) than I did when I was living on a diet of coffee, cookies and white wine.

Maybe I just have a uniquely robust constitution that can metabolise anything into bodyfat. Could be useful if I ever find myself in a survival situation. Not quite so useful when I want to fit into a slinky catsuit for a party next month…

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