San Francisco, California

The Mojo-Mobile has had to go into hospital. Somebody trashed him in the car park at San Jose Airport while I was in San Diego over the weekend. They ran a key down his side – a long, deliberate scratch, double in places for good measure. And they bent up the sides of his ‘Mojo Me’ number plate. How could anybody do such a thing to such a cute little car?

So while I head for Oregon, Mojo has to stay here being repaired. An eye-watering $1000 for the new paintwork. His medical expenses are nearly as extortionate as mine.

Instead of zipping up Highway 1 in a cute little stick-shift Brit-car with a Union Jack on its roof, I shall be cruising up in a bland, boring, automatic Chevy Cobalt. Its only redeeming feature is its colour – red. If it was white it would be so anonymous it would disappear altogether.

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