San Francisco, California

I’ve just published my first ever iMix to the iTunes Store. Music is pretty important when you’re spending hours and days on a rowing machine preparing to row an ocean, so I became quite a connoisseur. This playlist is my selection for high-energy workouts rather than the slow-and-steadies.

Sadly, my amplifiier packed up just after New Year, about 5 weeks into my 103-day crossing, so after that I had only my own thoughts to keep me occupied. I’d never have thought I could row an ocean without music, but it’s amazing what you can put up with when you have no choice, and eventually I even grew to relish the peace and quiet.

For the Pacific, AudioBooksForFree have given me 600 audio books to listen to, plus I’ve bought a CD of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – no let-up in the quest for self-improvement!

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