Crater Lake, Oregon

My mother had a tough time while I was on the Atlantic. One of the e-mailers who helped keep her cheerful was Molly, mother of my friend Mariya. Molly knows what it’s like to have wayward children.

Today Molly and I headed up to Crater Lake in Oregon.

On the drive up there I couldn’t help but smile. We’d driven quite some way from Bend to see this place, but the whole mountain was shrouded in cloud. Couldn’t see more than 30 feet. It was magical – jagged, blasted pines and patches of snow emerged from the mist as we drove past – but of the famous crater we couldn’t see a thing.

It reminded me exactly of climbing up Mount Pisco in Peru with Mariya in 2003 – visiblity zilch.

So when we got to the lodge at the top, it seemed only appropriate to recreate the Mariya/Pisco photo. We looked around for substitute ice axes, but the lodge fire irons were strictly ornamental only – and not detachable from their stand. So we had to make do with forks.

Spookily – on Mount Pisco, just after Mariya and I had reached the summit, the clouds parted to reveal the most incredible view of the snow-clad mountains below. Today, just after Molly and I arrived at Crater Lake, the clouds parted to reveal the deep blue pool in the volcanic crater, apparently the deepest lake in North America.

Like mother, like daughter….

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