We are doing final tests of the RozTracker in preparation for Roz’s departure at 6pm today from the Waikiki Yacht Club. If you’re in Honolulu, come down to Magic Island and say aloha as Roz rows off into the sunset!

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  • Aloha Roz, I got word from Jason Lewis that he was able to touch base with you – (I did send him the picture of us we took with my iPhone at ING)
    Roz, have a save journey, I will keep you in my prayers.
    I think God alrady has blessed you with the incredibvle strenght, your good heart and the the sense of humor and wit that you have. I just met you briefly on friday in Waikiki, but I continue to think about you and your journey.
    Whenever I’ll be out there paddling my canoe in the open ocean on the NorthShore of Oahu .. I will be sharing the ame ocean with you .. Keep up the great spirit – be safe and never stop believing.


    Harald-M. Lehnardt / Pupukea / Hawai‘i

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