Woodside, California

Getting fit can be an expensive business. New running shoes last week – and bathroom scales this week. I decided the “bathroom mirror” measurement was too subjective – my body-image perception has become so warped that I can (in my eyes) go from obese to trim overnight.

So on the principle that objectives should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and two other things that I can’t remember) I splashed out on a set of Tanita scales that measure not only weight, but also bodyfat %, body water %, muscle mass, and bone mass. Also, humiliatingly, it will tell you what your ‘metabolic age’ is, and give you a ‘physique rating’ as a mark out of 10.

I scored a mere 5/10 this morning, but as I see it, that gives me plenty of room for improvement, and measurable improvement is a powerful motivator.

Am I over-obsessing about my weight? Quite possibly. But it matters to me that I a) feel good in my own skin, and b) convey a positive image of the benefits of an active lifestyle. So it is almost part of my job description to be fit and look fit.

Although I think that maybe I do go on about it too much. The journalist who wrote an article in last Sunday’s Observer about me picked up on it – but has also written a really good, thoughtful analysis. As Nicole, my friend and PR coordinator said, “It’s one of the first interviews I’ve seen that sincerely tries to get to the heart of what motivates Roz to do what she does!”

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