Woodside, California

Today when I got home from a therapeutic stroll in rain-sodden Wunderlich Park, I found a large parcel waiting for me at the guest cottage that I currently call home Рa 9-tray Excalibur dehydrator. This is my intended solution to the unavailability of healthy and wholesome expedition meals РI plan to make my own.

Since my New Year retreat I’ve been a bit of a health food nut, and have been unable to find any expedition meals that live up to my high new standards of nutrition. If you don’t want to eat additives, trans fats, wheat, white rice, dairy or non-organic meat, that doesn’t leave many options. And a rower cannot survive on beansprouts alone.

It may take some experimentation to figure out what works and what doesn’t – I need to come up with some recipes that are tasty, nutritious, dehydrate well and will last for several months if packaged in vacuum packs. This is quite a tall order, considering that I have only a few months left, and my time is already heavily scheduled.

But where there’s a will there’s a way. And fortunately there will be a mother as well. Mum, once again, is coming to the rescue. When I was preparing for the Atlantic she came to stay with me for a month to help with everything from sewing to packaging food to boatbuilding. This time around she will be joining me in San Francisco in May to help with final preparations for my May/June launch (precise date and location to be determined by the weather). She might have hoped that by now she’d be through with cooking for her offspring, but no such luck…

P.S. Voiceover artist for speaker showreel now found. So no need for further action from previous blog, but thanks for the suggestions.

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