Ballyconnell, nr Sligo, Ireland

Welcome to my new, re-vamped weblog. I’ll be posting regular(ish) updates here in the run-up to my next expedition.

Top o’ the day to ye! Ireland is famous for its Guinness and its friendliness, so it may not seem like the obvious choice of place to get away from it all, but I’m trying…

I’ve fled from the distractions of London to spend a month in a friend’s cottage at the back end of the Irish beyond. The cottage is the white building, bottom right, in the photo above.

This is one of those places where everybody knows everybody (and all that ails them), houses are known by who lives in them rather than by their address, and the pub looks like somebody’s living room with a beer mat stuck over the front door by way of a sign.

I’m here to get some peace and quiet and plan my strategy for the rest of this year. My main focus is the motorbike expedition around the Four Corners states of the USA – Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona – to learn more about the Native American culture and religion. Another book, and a video diary, are in the pipeline.

A few minor hurdles stand in the way, e.g. after two attempts I still haven’t passed my motorbike test (not as discouraging as it sounds – more of that in my next update), and I don’t have any money, but I’m not one to let such piffling trifles stop me.

I can’t remember when I last had so much time to myself, but so far I’m feeling pretty chipper. The coffee shop withdrawal symptoms have been less severe than expected, and I drivel away to the cows in the field next door when I feel in need of conversation. I suppose I’m cheating a bit by having internet access, but a girl can only stand SO much of her own company… and the cows can only stand so much drivel.

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