Three months. Phewee. It’s really quite a long time. If someone drew a boat-shaped outline on the floor, 23 feet by 6, and told you that you weren’t allowed outside it, nor was anybody else allowed inside it, for three months, it would sound a bit like – well, like solitary confinement. Then stick a rowing machine in the middle of it, and you’ve got solitary confinement with hard labour.

The food is probably better than in prison (I’m guessing here, never having been in prison myself) but there’s nobody to serve it to me. This is a self-catering cell. The upside is that there is no jailer ordering me around, telling me what to do and when. Only my own conscience.

As to whether this gives me a sense of freedom – I suppose that is up to me. I can look on it as “here I am, confined to this tiny boat for months at a time”, or I can take the positive view: “look at this huge sky, and this vast ocean, and nobody to get in the way of my view – wow!”

I’m sure there’s a message in there, to the effect that no matter how constrained our circumstances, we can still exercise free will to the extent that we choose how we perceive our situation. But as we’ve just had a Philosophy Friday I am going to leave that to you to ponder.

Other Stuff:

Some interesting waves today, described thus by my weatherman, Lee Bruce: “wave forecast shows total height of 6m, occasional 7.5m. But that’s a combination of SSW swell, very long-period SW swell (17-19 seconds), SE-ish swell, and ESE/SE wind waves.” 7.5 metres is about 24 feet, which sounds huge, but actually it hasn’t been too bad. Because it is such a long-period swell, my boat goes up, and then it goes down, rather than the violent rocking that results from shorter, choppier waves. In fact, I quite enjoy the big swells – they mean I get a good view out across the ocean from the top, and I do like a wave with a view!

However, having said that, I am under a big storm cloud as I write this and the ocean is getting rather feisty. So I will keep this short and get safely horizontal as soon as I can. Gusts of 30 knots are forecast for tonight.

Still edging up to that magical halfway mark. It could well be tomorrow. I have my celebratory treats at the ready.

At last I had a dream with Johnny Depp in it. We were both in a film – he was starring, I just had a small role – but I did have a scene with the man himself. Lots of my friends were in it too. And I discovered to my surprise that one of the other stars, Scarlett Johanssen, is only four foot tall. Much shorter than me. Ah yes, it was a very good dream!

Good luck to Diana Nyad, the 61-year-old about to attempt to swim from Cuba to Key West. I am very impressed already, whether she makes it or not – but I hope she does and wish her all the best! (Thanks to Rich Hular for the info.)

Thanks, Eric, for the joke about the gravediggers/septic tank installers. Made me laugh out loud!

Quote: “Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of reaching out to fix the part of the world that is within our reach. Any small, calm thing that one soul can do to help another soul, to assist some portion of this poor suffering world, will help immensely.” (Clarissa Pinkola Estes, writer)

Sponsored Miles: Doug Grandt (Larry), Anne and Peter Thomson, David Martin and Todd Lowe, thank you for sponsoring miles rowed.

(Why Roz’s progress is not shown)


  • Good morning all and good evening Roz, this is in response to Day 88 blog re: Galileo and your quote for today.

    It is reported that Copernicus’ mum said the following to him at the age
    of twelve: “Copernicus, young man, when are you going to come to terms
    with the fact the the world does not revolve around you.” 🙂 ~levity~

    Copernicus(1473-1543) first observed the
    heliocentric system, challenging the Ptolemaic theory that the earth
    was the center of the universe, the geocentric system. But he had no
    telescope to confirm his unsophisticated observations.
    Galileo(1564-1642) heard of a “telescope” invention in 1609 and went
    about building one of his own. Reportedly, Galileo was the first person
    to use a telescope for astronomy and therefore bolstered Copernicus’
    observations. Hence, the advent of technology, and it’s evidence-based
    findings brought old beliefs to a “tipping point”. (This information can
    all be googled, thanks www and happy birthday.)

    Consistent with your blog is the fact that tides are rising, we are
    having dramatic weather pattern shifts and plastic is being found all
    over our oceans because we made something disposable from something
    permanent. How big of telescope do we need? So good on you for joining
    the elite of heretics! Heck, thanks a whole bunch for being a ring leader! (This includes you too Rita)

    Btw, the word heresy is derived from Greece and originally meant
    “choice.” Something that we may not have much of if we keep on keeping
    on burying and drowning our “permanents”.

    Also true (not really:) was that Archimedes (287-212 BCE) LOVED rowing
    and actually said, “Give me a long enough oar, and a place to stand, and
    I will move the earth.” before getting misquoted with all that catapult
    and leverage non-sense. And also the Brits did not relish the word ‘or’
    next to the word ‘and’… Furthermore(yet, groan), it was Archimedes’
    mum that said, “Oh Em Gee! Archimedes, quit screwing around with the
    water and eat your pi and jelly!”

    just sayin~

    🙂 Jay

    Row Roz Row!

    Ya’ll better help me send her good vibes next Saturday, August 13th!

  • Roz, I think a wrote that I love roller coasters … somewhere mid-Pacific. Smooth ups and downs would be fun, I imagine, with only an occasional steep descent down into a trough to a quick turn at the bottom then swooshing quickly up the other side to the sky. 

    I suppose it isn’t quite like that, but probably more either/or — long rolling swells or short choppy rock and roll.  The short period rocking and rolling ones would upset my stomach and all the heaving to and fro would make me heave as well.  So, what’s my point?  Yours is the ride of a lifetime. Enjoy the ride, but keep your crash helmet on.  I’m thinking about you.

    Good news, Roz, two days ago the petition had 1,700 signatures, and at this moment the count is 1,807 … nope, we got one more in the last few minutes … 1,808!  Robyn of Woodstock, NY signed this very moment!

    Recent additions from Australia, France, Germany, Portugal, UK and USA including a few comments:
    Mary: Please make these Olympics really special by banning plastic ! (#1804)
    Barbara: No plastic bags!!! What a fantastic message to send the world (#1803)
    Sven: The Sea can Feed us now, but in the -Future. Think and change (#1800)
    Sindy: No Plastic! (#1799)

    For a plastic-bag-free 2012 Olympics
    Watch the signatures climb …​re

    To use a term from the 50s or 60s …

    Looking swell, as your row, Roz!

  • Hey Roz,

    Happy three months.   You’re amazing.  If you can get it out there, you might like to read this blog posting from Andy Revkin talking about how the roots of famine in East Africa may be related to a reduction in rainfall caused by raising sea surface temperature in the ocean you are crossing combined with La Nina conditions in the Pacific.  It is amazing to see how interconnected we are in the world.  People who read your blog in cities thousands of miles away can effect the temperature of the ocean you are in right now.  This can cause still more effects on weather which diminish the food supply of still other people in parts of the world that the polluters never will know or visit.  So as lonely as it gets out there, we are still with you somehow, but not the way we would all hope.  OK, so don’t you wish we could do something in New York to send you favorable winds?  

    Safe journeys,

    Jacob Tanenbaum
    Here is the link: 

    • This is in reply to Jacob in NYC~

      Beautiful Time lapse photography of NYC…

      Keep sending Roz those helpful thoughts/wishes and I will do my best to keep the positive vibes reverberating!

      Roz, I sent it to Margaret too, she can share with you next time you plan a trip to NY.

      Also, Marvi just figured out how to operate two laptops with one keyboard and one mousepad so that you can read or research on one laptop, cut and paste onto second (Back-up) laptop. Now you are able to write blog on second laptop without “tiles” or minimizing screens or changing keyboards! Let me know when you are in SF harbor next please. (I will set up that welcome back party at Reuben’s!)

      oh for you all~ If you have android see “Swype” and if you have Iphone go to (google or youtube anything on your own first) please sign the petition for Roz, that Doug posted above or below this post.

      Batman had a fancy utility belt. Roz has us 🙂
      Row Roz Row!


      • I’ve been compared to many things, but never a utility belt, let alone a fancy one … I consider that a compliment.

        Good one, Jay ;-D

        • When evaluating students and for a little levity in stressful real-life based scenarios(Medic and Swiftwater Rescue Classes), I like to start my initial dialog with, “OK, well, I guess what I can say, is that…(long pause)… Well, what’s important here, is that we don’t focus on the negative, regarding the comparison that I am about to make.” 🙂

          Cheers Doug!
          Row Roz Row!

  • Those ripples are  spreading!!!
    Row well Roz.

    Boris calls for plastic bag ban across London in fight against ‘poisonous’ waste and litterBy Sean PoulterLast updated at 9:23 AM on 5th August 2011Read more:​s/article-2022632/Boris-calls-​plastic-bag-ban-London-fight-p​oisonous-waste-litter.html#ixz​z1UAEgQaHK
    Boris calls for plastic bag ban across London in fight against ‘poisonous’ waste and litter The Mayor of London has pledged to take action after retailers failed to cut bag handouts. It is hoped a charge for bags could reduce the number used by 90 per cent.

  • Boris calls for plastic bag ban across London in fight against ‘poisonous’ waste and litter
    By Sean Poulter

    Last updated at 9:23 AM on 5th August 2011

    Read more:​s/article-2022632/Boris-calls-​plastic-bag-ban-London-fight-p​oisonous-waste-litter.html#ixz​z1UAEgQaHK Boris calls for plastic bag ban across London in fight against ‘poisonous’ waste and litter The Mayor of London has pledged to take action after retailers failed to cut bag handouts. It is hoped a charge for bags could reduce the number used by 90 per cent.

  • Dear Roz: You knew that this trip would be by far the longest and for that reason alone bring stresses unlike any of the others. Added to that is the impracticability of sharing your progress with anyone but your Mum so the rest of us cannot send appropriately encouraging messages. But your supporters are clearly increasing in number and spread over many more countries than was the case even a year or so ago. When things get hard, or frustrating, or boring, and you feel the lack of practical support we can provide, be sure that you have not only our moral support for your objectives but even more for you personally. Be careful, be safe, be sure. We need you.

  • On my sailboat trip to Cuba the rollers were 41 feet high and the shorter waves diagonal were 3 feet, what a thrill to be on top of the big ones! And quite a ride (slow one though) to the bottom. You felt you were in quite a trough. I understand that it is the wind going west and the Gulfstream going east that makes for such wild wave action. Have fun, hope all is functioning as well as can be expected! All the best.

  • I hate to break the bad news, but Alcatraz was renowned for its good food.  You may have fewer advantages over prison than you thought!

    Much love, Natalie

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